Guilty Writer

I feel guilty because nearly the entire month of January 2012 has passed and I’ve hardly written a thing.

Nothing in any of my four blogs.  One personal, one Christian/Political, one Black oriented, and this is a brand spanking new one, so it doesn’t count. . . . .
Oh, I’ve written a few chapters for “Free Enterprise” for the Star Trek site I’m a member of. Since the site was being renovated, I had to get used to the new bells and whistles. It was a good thing I had already written and saved the post in Open Office (I know, I still love this program even though it has a major glitch) I had to get used to doing things all over again on the site. Yuck!
I’m also supposed to be editing “Night Riders”. Editing and writing. The story continues after the NaNo 50K limit, and the part I’m up to is very intense. I wanted to end my first novel (I hope, I hope, I hope!) to be a cliff hanger. Why? So people will tempted to wait with baited breath to read the next installment. Yes, I’m hoping “Night Riders” will be a series!
Wouldn’t that be wonderful? I can quit my day job, actually midnight job (cuz I work the Vampire/Graveyard Shift) and spend my time doing what I love. Writing.
First, I must get past the first stage. I must finish editing! From there the sky is the limit. . . . . . .
I think.
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