A Bad Writing Experience

First, there is an extensive and intense history behind this post. I had the misfortune of running up against a very nasty individual, and was forced to defend myself and my writing against them.
How did I get myself into such a mess? I joined a fan club. Yep! I happened to love a particular show, which shall remain nameless, and a particular actor, who shall remain nameless, and started to write a fan fiction crossover story with them in it. Yeah, all in the name of love. . . . . . .
When I first started the story, I emailed a copy to the Grand Pooh Bah of said club( henceforth named: “Ms Thing”). She not only liked it, but agreed to help me with some facts and tips. In the meantime, I was posting the story at a Star Trek site I was a member of, and was getting rave reviews for it.
I did not expect the story to go so long, but it was turning into a sort of series, with me posting several episodes or chapters every week. I had given permission to Ms. Thing to go on the Trek site and read it so she could keep up with the episodes.
Everything went well until she read one episode, she literally hit the ceiling and unloaded on me. She read me the “riot act” and excoriated me for the fact that I was not writing according to “cannon”.
From the very beginning I had let my readers know I was not writing according to cannon. It was a cross-over fanfiction piece and with cross-overs you can expect anything. I’d even placed a disclaimer every time I felt I’d went of the “reservation” in my writing.
I’ve been a fan of Star Trek for over 40 years and had never written my Trek fan fiction strictly according to “cannon”. To me, writing strictly according to cannon is BOOORRRRRRING!
So, when I became a fan of Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda I did the very same thing. So what I didn’t know whether the character picked his right nostril, or scratched his left buttock! Geez Louise!
Of course I lit Ms. Thing up! It was all professional though. I’ve been a member of a writing site for the past 5 years, named Writing.com where I have a lot of my old writing. The one thing I learned from being on that site is that you NEVER, EVER completely trash someone else’s work! If you don’t like it, or give helpful hints how to improve it or re-write it, leave it alone!
Why? Because it probably takes about 10 to 20 minutes to read something a poor writer has slaved over for hours at a time, and put their heart and soul into it. God bless you if you can just sit and pour things out from your brain to your fingertips, and computer keyboard. Not everyone is gifted in that manner. So to rip their little piece apart like jackals ripping apart a carcass, is utter cruelty and can be devastating to a budding writer!
I could see if Ms. Thing was an editor, but she was just a maniacal fan. It was either her way or the highway, so I took the highway but I gave her a piece of my mind before I left.
She claimed she was going to report me to THE STAR since I was writing so carelessly about their character. I told her to go ahead. Number one, my story was a piece of FAN FICTION, and NOT being published for public consumption and SALE. I was writing purely for the fans and my personal enjoyment.
I also told her that unless THE STAR owned the character and sent me a Cease and Desist Order, they couldn’t do anything to me. I also emailed her a copy of the United States Constitution which gives me the right to FREE SPEECH! That shut her down. I guess she didn’t think I was that crazy.
Needless to say:
1.   I am no longer a member of said fan club.
2.   I am no longer in touch with Ms.Thing (I “unfriended” her on FaceBook) and deleted her email address.
3.   I copywrited the story by going to My Free Copywrite.com, where you can get a FREE historical copywrite on your written and intellectual property.
4.   I changed the name of my fan fiction from “Crossbow” to “Free Enterprise”.
Because it is mine to do with what I please.

Writing according to cannon:
The best way I can describe cannon is: Mr. Spock on Star Trek is a Vulcan and Vulcans are logical beings and vegetarians. So, if you write a story for Paramount Productions which owns Star Trek, you cannot write a story with him eating Steak Tartar. Also, Mr. Spock does not laugh (unless he’s been sprayed with spores or something).  Vulcans are too LOGICAL to laugh, so you cannot write a story about Mr. Spock cackling like a hyena. Anything written outside of those two cannon aspects would be considered “off the rez” and “verboten” accounting to Paramount Studios who OWNS the Star Trek franchise.
I really should blog about this subject in the future, shouldn’t I?
Also, here is the link to “Free Enterprise”.  Mind you it is very long and you will have to go to ARCHIVES, click on 2010 and start there.
Blessed Be!


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