Take The Monkeys And Run!

Thank Goodness most of publishing is not like it used to be.  No more boxing up multiple pages of manuscripts, hauling them to the post office, sending them out, and waiting with baited breath for the rejection slips to come rolling in. . . . . . .
Alas, with e-publishing for, e-books, e-readers and i-pads it’s so easy to self publish now a days.
But, there was a time where an editor and publisher held sway over what was published and placed on the market. You could’ve slaved for years on your so-called masterpiece (as we all know ALL writers write masterpieces, even when they are stinkers. . . .). 

 “What about parts and labor?” I always ask, when some  poor writer works especially hard to write a book, and the editor rips it to shreds sends it back with a rejection slip.
My question:   What if you worked long and hard on your first book. In fact you have spent the last three years trying to get this book together. You finally send it in (upload via PDF file to the editor) and the editor emails you back and says: “Your story idea is great, but it needs a couple of steamy sex scenes, a couple of really gory murders, some zombies, a witch and 17 warlocks, to spice it up. Why? That’s the trend books are taking these days.” 

 What would YOU do? Would you compromise your story by writing in the parts the editor asked for just to make it palatable to the paying public?   Or, would you take your original manuscript and go peddle it elsewhere? Or self publish?
My Personal Answer:
Forgive me for being a little here humorous, but I would rather take the monkeys and run!
Why?   Please forgive me for preaching but, I am an extremely principled writer. I am a Christian, and as a devout believer I have certain principles I must live by. Though I am by no means perfect, and NEVER will be, my life must portray the one who died for me, in everything I do. Even in writing a book. Things which are diametrically opposed to my Christian beliefs and value system I cannot and will not write.
In other words that means if I can’t give my devout West Indian Catholic Grand Mother my manuscript to read, without her “cuffing” (slapping) me upside the head, I shouldn’t even THINK of writing and publishing it! Like that old Oscar Meyer Wiener commercial: I could write whatever I want as per my Constitutional and First Amendment Right (filling my writings and books with objectionable material) but, “I’d have to answer to an even HIGHER AUTHORITY.”
Also, how I sleep at night, or day, knowing I’ve compromised my creative work in order to make a few extra bucks? After all, what is the point of being “creative” if I am just going to settle to the ocean floor with the rest of the bottom feeders, by writing smut/trash?
Just asking. . . . . . . .


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