Frustration Upon FRUSTRATION!

Wouldn’t you know it? The one time I come home from work, not totally bummed out.  I really want to write and I hop on my computer and then entire universe conspires against me!
It serves me right for not using “Big Bertha” (my laptop) more often. So when I do use it, I get bogged down in backups. First the Carbonite has to back up my entire computer hard drive, which is a good thing! Wouldn’t wanna lose any of that important stuff!
Next my spyware/malware takes over and backs up. There are far too many viruses and bugs out there to leave anything to chance. Next, each of my browsers have to back up. Opera, Firefox and Chrome. No, I do not use Internet Explorer. As a friend on Google Plus said: “IE is only good to download, Opera, Firefox and Google Chrome . . .” OPS!  
The next programs to update are Adobe Flash and Open Office. After all of this, I finally make it on line and of course I have to check my EMAIL (cue up the Jaws music).
It was literally a conspiracy where all of these programs lined up to stop me from writing! I admit, I am a GEEK and I love computers, I love building websites and playing with computer gadgets in general. But there is nothing more frustrating for me than to deal with updates, backups and downloads.  
Since I’m on FACEBOOK. . . . . . . . . you know I “had to” check my FaceBook page (which for some very strange reason was REALLY acting a fool this morning). I wound up logging off because even though I had selected a secure network address, I was not using one.
Just a little lesson for wanna be GEEKS and those who want to surf the web safely:
In order to have a secure network your email address bar or browser bar should have HTTPS at the beginning of your web address.
If you see HTTP or HTTPS with a red X through it, you are in UNSECURE territory! When you see that, it is time to either shut down (log out) of your site/page or click the “refresh” button until you get a secure line. If you don’t get one, sign out and try signing back in. If that still doesn’t work. Sign out and stay off site for a couple of hours and come back later. Do not use the site if what was supposed to be your “secure page”, is no longer secure. Why? You don’t know who else is monitoring you and may be stealing information from your page. When you do get back on the site, change your passwords! That goes triply for FACEBOOK!
After all of this excitement, of course I don’t feel like writing right now.
Perhaps later.

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