Online Censorship

I think I’ve already visited this issue but I need to kind of clarify it, for myself and others.  

I have no issue with online censorship if site self censor themselves.  The majority of the sites I’m a member of already know how to “responsibly censor themselves”.  What do I mean by that?  People are informed from the moment they join said site that any subject matter posted on said site, must fall within a certain set in stone guidelines, or it will be deleted by site managers, administrators or security.  And depending upon the severity of the breech, said member would be tossed out of the site or banned.  Same thing.

Most sites use the same ratings as movies do.  “General” membership which automatically means, minors are on board, so content must be kept clean as a whistle.

“PG” means a little something is allowed.  One can say damn and a chaste peck on the cheek and forehead is allowed.  No overt behavior is acceptable.  

“X” and above.  Well, we all know what that means.  

There are some sophisticated sites which allow you to lock down your rated X and above content, and only allow certain members access if they have a certain code.  Which allows under age members to stay out of the domains they have no business in.  This also keeps the site out of trouble for exposing minors to explicit content.  

This is the kind of censorship I don’t mind on line.  It is responsible and allows members to make responsible choices where it comes to what they wish to post or be exposed to.  The power lies soley in their hands.  

What I take strong exception to is a site manager dictating what one should write to the point of redacting your creation.

In short:  I was a member of a site where I was part of a group which helped write for and produce a monthly newsletter.  This went on for approximately 2 years without problems, in fact we got rave reviews. Thanks to our wonderful and hard working team.  

Suddenly this year, the chain of command changed and the “new” person in charge decided he wanted to read and approve of everything that was published first.  This was despite the fact that the experienced editor already approved of the content, which was written by experienced writers!  

The result was a predictably nasty fight between the editor and the “Tyrant”.  Then a bunch of us packed up our content, resigned, and quit the site.  If the Tyrant wanted to run his own regime, then so be it.  He can do it without us!   Let him find people who will write to his own self motivated specifications.  Which will suck, by the way. . . . . .

This is especially sad because we just had a 24 hour web shutdown (by some sites) over SOPA and PIPA, and here comes this guy.  Won’t people ever learn, that censorship is not good?

Like Einstein once said:  “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is INSANITY. . . .”

I rest my case.


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