Do You Still Write Longhand?

The reason I ask is because I work in customer service.  Often the customers must fill out forms in order for me or my fellow co-workers to help them.  Which is par for the course in my line of work.

However, lately I’ve encountered customers who haven’t written in so long that either their penmanship is an abomination or, believe it or not, they no longer know how to write.  Yeah, I see you shaking your head with disbelief. . . . .

Apparently that old saying: “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” applies to writing also.

When asked about it, one male customer replied that he dealt so extensively with computers that he rarely, if ever, wrote anything by hand.  Everything he did was computer generated.  So, he had literally forgotten how to write and therefore could not fill out forms.  

Oh my heavens!  Is this what the Human race has come to?  Will longhand go the way or the eight track player, the cassette, and the poloroid camera?  

Computers were supposed to help enhance man’s intelligence.  They were not dumb us down to where we have become hapless sods, clouting each other over the head with clubs and naming our sons “Ogg”   ::facepalm::

As for me, I still use pen and paper.  Yes, I have a laptop, a netbook and a smartphone, but I also carry a handy composition book and plenty of pens.  Just in case I have to jot down some important thoughts, and I don’t have the time to fire up my netbook.

Oh yes, I did try the free “note” application which came with my new Android.  But, it drove me to the point of nearly smashing my brand new cell phone under foot . . . . . . . .   So, I went back to my composition book and pen. . . . . . .

I guess, I’m just very old fashioned in that respect.  How about you?


6 comments on “Do You Still Write Longhand?

  1. Oooo!!! I love my notebooks!!! I have like a 30 or more notebooks under my bed in a box! I love Wal-Mart's back to school sales!! 15 cents for a notebook! I go buy like 100 or 200! :-PI won't go anywhere unless I have a pen and my notebooks in my purse with me!! Sadly tho, writing by hand is hard to do there days as my wrist gets really sore if I write by hand to long! But, I still write down ALL my info and research in notebooks! šŸ˜€

  2. As much as I rely on and use heavily, my laptop. I still use longhand and sometimes you write better longhand as you have to think about the format and what your putting down. Laptops and all these other gadgets are great but people should use what god gave them and that's the power to write by hand, down on paper for the world to see. I mean you don't want to text a love letter, you don't want to email on it's impersonal. These things must be written, by hand and full of love, it's the little touches that make it special.I take a notebook to work with me and always have a note of where I last left off in any work I'm writing. I also use it for keeping notes on other things, and short codes for work too. And to think, some schools in the UK now want parent's to buy their child an iPad for using in school to replace handwriting!!! God forbid. We're meant to be moving forward not going back to the stone age!Great post by the way!

  3. @Scripter: There are many schools in the USA which require students to use laptops. Many collages do also to the point where they have been switching from paper format to ebook format for textbooks. Textbooks have become very expensive and most collage students who live by the skin of their teeth welcome the change with will be cheaper. But, at what cost?

  4. @Cathy Brockman: Thank you for reading this article. Don't worry if you can't type directly into the computer. I do a combination of both. For NaNoWriMo I totally depended on the computer to write every word. But now, I've gone back to my roots by writing things out first.

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