Those of you who are parents of young children already know what a “busy bag” is.  It’s a bag you pack for those long trips with the offspring, which contains enough things to keep the “kiddie-poos” busy.  Thus preventing them from asking: “Are we there yet?” every five minutes. 

When I was really young, when my Mom took me to the doctor (which was often because I was sickly), she always packed a busy bag.  But instead of toys and fun activities, she packed my homework, reading assignments and, math studies.  Yep, she always made me study my “sums”. . . . .

NOTE:  My British West Indian Mom referred to “math” as “sums.”

Well, I apply the “busy bag” method to my adult self.  Whenever I leave the house, unless it is on an errand, to jog, or to the gym, I carry my own version of a busy bag.  That means when I go to class, work, to the doctor’s office, the therapist.  Anyplace where I will have a long and BOOOOORRRRING wait.  This is especially true for long commutes.

I just can’t see spending great swaths of time sitting and staring at the walls (or in some cases the wide screen TV in some offices), out of the window, and at other people, with nothing to do. With even a free newspaper to read.  Yes, we have those here in New York City. . . . .  

I recall back in high school I took a beginning photography class, and my instructor taught that “In order to be a good photographer, you must always carry your camera with you. Why?  Because you never know when you will see a great shot.”  Mind you, that was back in the days of HEAVY and CLUNKY single lens reflex cameras.  Imagine “shlepping” that, plus extra lenses, film, batteries, etc.  I eventually gave it up.  

I’ve returned to photography due to the miracle of digital cameras.  They are one heck of a lot smaller and weigh a lot less.  And believe it or not, cellphone cameras can take some awesome photos by the way!  

I’ve long forgotten that teacher’s name but I took his advise to heart in not only carrying a camera but my writing implements.  A composition book, plenty of pens (the darned things always run out of ink at the most inopportune times. . .), and my netbook.  Thus, like the boy scouts, I’m always prepared.  

Here is a list of what I carry.

1.  Netbook
2.  Bag of wires (for netbook, cellphone, Kindle, etc)
3.  Composition book
4.  Pens
5.  Kindle
6.  Stainless Steel Flask (of H2O or Juice)
7.  A snack or meal
I WEAR my cellphone and camera.

P.S.  Yes, I realize I can carry both of my cats in this bag. . . LOL!


2 comments on “My BUSY Bag

  1. I love the bag, my mother often refers to my bags as my suitcases because they are always big. But, like you I like to carry my busy bag. It has my digital camera, no never took a photography class would love to though, my writing pad, pens, and the usual girlie stuff, no netbook as yet but after reading this I may be looking into getting one.

  2. @Nicola J: Thanks for compliments on the bag. Would you believe it was under 20 dollars? My co-workers make fun of me all the time and ask: "Hey! What are you carrying in that bag? A dead body?" They shouldn't ask that of a writer. It gives me plot ideas for my detective novel. . . . . .

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