Write It Out!

When I was in collage, I was a member of my collage track team. I’ve forgotten the name, but then the York Collage (in New York City) track team had a famous coach who also coached the New York Cheetah Track Club. And like their namesake, they were an awesomely fast bunch of ladies!
Back then we as young ladies would always go to our coach and whine with excuses as to why we could not attend/participate in practices. Either we had a cold, had our “menses” and cramps, had various aches and pains, and various mysterious maladies.
Coach Johnson’s solution? “Go run it out.” he would say.
Meaning: Get out there on that track and run whether you feel like it or not! Reaction?  We all thought Coach Johnson was a mean, cruel, and insensitive man. However, what he didn’t explain to us was how could he run a championship track team when all of the members are begging off sick?  And,if we wanted to maintain our championship status we had to get out there practice and produce. That meant workouts and practice whether we felt like it or not.
He also didn’t tell us that once we got out on the track or worked out in the gym we would forget our so called misery. Essentially what we were doing were exchanging one misery for another.
How does this apply to my writing?
I am Human and therefore I have feelings, and just like when I was on the track team, I have days where I just don’t wanna. Yes, I said wanna. . . . . . .
I just don’t FEEL like it. Though I have two computers (which makes it easier for me to write) I don’t even want to go near them. I don’t want to boot them up, when I do, I don’t want to transcribe. I am sick and tired of editing the same story over, and over, and over again. I don’t even want to write down ideas I have floating around in my mind. I just don’t want to be bothered.
What do I do?
Well, I have to suck it up.  “Get a stiff upper lip” as the British would say.
I’ve applied the same lesson that Coach Johnson taught our track team. Number one, if I want to be a good writer I have to work out on a regular basis. This means writing regularly whether I want to or not. Number two, I also realize that no one else is going to write FOR me. Those ideas I have in my head? They are not going to be written on paper or typed into the computer unless I DO IT.
In essence, if I want to be a champion, it is my responsibility to mold myself into one.
Like that Nike commercial: JUST DO IT!
Or like Coach Johnson used to say: “Go run it out. . . . . .”


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