Klingon Poetry?

Yes! Klingon poetry!  

Despite the fact that KLINGONS are very gruff, mean, and DANGEROUS, 

they can wax poetic at times.
Of course you know, some of this is silly stuff, right? 

This is my “feeble attempt” at KLINGON poetry. . . . . . (^-)!
Oh just in case someone asks, 
“These works have all been translated from the original KLINGON.”
* * * * * * * * * * * *
The Games KLINGONS Play
It’s not easy bein’ Klin.
Bein’ a Warrior means,
you always gotta win.
You always gotta be on top.
You can’t take time to rest or stop.
You always gotta watch your back.
“Cuz you ne’er know when there’ll
be an attackAt times,
your poor body’s glad,when you finally hit the rack!
You always gotta strut you stuff.
Can’t let no one know.that you’re not tough!
If that’s not bad “noughYou’ve gotta train long
you’ve gotta train hard.With weapons and without.
‘Cuz if you don’tsomeone else’ll gladlycut you and out!
You’ve gotta be fast,
or you won’t last!
Whilst wolfing down,
Heart of Targ and Stewed Gargh.
To build up muscle mass.
Pardon me for sayin’.”
Haps “cuz I’m just a Human.
But that diet sounds,like it’ll give me gas.
I also wonder if,
after all o’ that.Wouldn’t Klingons ben’fit,
from a Stress Reduction Class?
Klingon Nursery Rhyme #4
One potato
Two potato
Three potato
Red targ
White targ
Black targ
Bat’Leth and 
Yes, I am a Klingon male.
Yes. my name is Sue.
Don’t make fun o’ my name.
Don’t mess with me.
And I won’t mess with you!
Young Warrior
A young warriorwounded in battle
lay bleeding on the battlefield
Slowly, painfully
he lifted his eyes to the sky
as his life’s blood
seeped into the ground
He knew his wound
was fatal
Though he was Klingon
he did not wish to die.
He wanted to live to get strong
againto lift his bat’leth high
above his head again.
Do they not see me?
He despaired as others of his garrison
hurried past,
 some tripping over him
eager to enter the fray
Saddend and in great pain
he closed his eyes only briefly to rest them
and saw clearlythe portal of the Black Fleetirised wide,
beckoning,tempting him to enter
He hesitatedtook a step
Faltered and turned at the sound of the Garrison Medic’s
gruff voice as he did his battlefield triage
“Here’s another, bring my kit.
Let’s see how much life
he’s got left in him.”
He felt the practiced hand of the healer probe
near the wound renewing his pain
he nearly bit his tongue in two
to keep from crying out!
“He’s hurt bad
lost a lot of blood But,
he’ll live to fight again with proper care.”
The Medic said
The young warrior’s hearts
oared with joy as the corpsman broughtforth a stretcher,
 and bore him to the medical site
Yes, he would live to see another
dayto fight another battle
And again, raise his bat’lethin victory!

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