My Writing Companions

I know what you are thinking, and it’s not that. It’s not about collaboration or co-authoring or anything like that.  I’m saving that for another post. . . . . . . .
I just want to mention my two ever present writing companions who are my cats, Biscuit and Spiral.  If I sit at my computer (“Big Bertha” – which is situated in my living room) for any amount of time, they will most certainly pay me a visit to provide either inspiration or torment. Mostly torment.
How can an innocent, fluffy, furry, beastie be a torment? When I’m attempting to concentrate on a particular story, paragraph or phase, Spiral will do what I call the “runway walk”. This is where he will walk between my legs while rubbing his body along my legs. This ends with his tail wrapped around my left or right calf. He does this repeatedly until he gets my attention.
If no attention is given, Spiral resorts to the next area of torment. He will kiss my toes with that cold nose of his. If I happen to be sitting at Big Bertha barefooted, my first reaction is to nearly jettison off my chair! I love him dearly, but I must give him a scolding. “I need to have my upmost concentration whilest I write, don’t you understand, Kitten?”   His reaction is to dash away.
Two minutes later, he is back only this time he’s rubbing his face on my feet and when I don’t pay attention, he lays his whole heavy body down across my feet. That, I actually like. I often play footsie with him until he starts to bite my toes.  Spiral, now you’ve got to go!  Off he dashes again.
Finally I have a moment of peace to write, and you know how you feel someone staring at you? I look down to my right or left and there Spiral sits with the most pitiable expression on his little furry face! Awww! I can’t help but give him a pat or two or scratch. Then its back to the writing.
This time he pulls out the heavy artillery! The next thing I know, I feel CLAWS on my leg! It’s like: HELLO! I’M HERE! NOTICE ME! PET AND STROKE ME NOT TYPE ON THE COMPUTER! More yelling and he scurries off to disappear to take a nap. 

However, he is back with his brother Biscuit as backup to “double team” me! One distracts me while the other moves in for the kill. Someone is gonna get attention today, and it’s not my writing!
With all of this going on, it’s a wonder I’m able to get anything done. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Cuz I love my kitties!

Top Photo:  Spiral
Bottom Photo:  Biscuit 


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