The Buzz

No, the buzz is not the latest gossip on your fave Hollywood star, or music personality. Though that is annoying to me, it is not quite as annoying as the one I’m going to describe.
I live in New York City, and often depend on public transportation (trains and buses) to commute between my home, work, my church, the doctor’s office, etc. Often I have a long commute (up to an hour) and I take advantage of it by writing or reading.
However, with the popularity of I-Phones, I-pods, MP3 Players, etc, my little quiet haven on the buses and trains have been set on it’s ear so to speak. Why? Even though people wear ear buds or headphones, they turn the music up so high, that those surrounding them can plainly hear it! Which begs a question. Is my hearing really that good, or are these devise listeners DEAF?
Either way, “the buzz” is darned annoying. It’s disturbing trying to write to the tune of buzzing like a huge bee! Especially when you have six or seven people with I-pods sitting or standing near you!
My entire muse goes right out of the bus or train window! For pities sake! Doesn’t anyone listen to Jazz or Classical music these days? If it’s a teen or young adult, it’s always Rap, Rock, Latino or Jamaican, Sigh. . . . . .

Doesn’t anyone believe in “Noise Canceling Headphones”? Just what is it with people wanting others to hear the “crap” they listen too? It’s just so UBER RUDE!
So, my solution might be to get my own I-pod, load it with that I love, and listen to it while I write during my commute. Or, perhaps “I” will wear earplugs. . . . . . .


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