Prepare To Be Boarded!

“Prepare to be boarded!”  This is a Nautical term and order, which is still used by the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Navy vessels upon approaching a “suspect vessel” which may be carrying weapons, explosives, drugs, illegal aliens, slaves, or suspected of other crimes.
Obviously, this is not a friendly visit for tea because the officers board with weapons at the ready. This also means, the owner/captain of said boarded vessel had better have his house in order. . . . . . .
I digress. . . . . .
I’ve been screaming long and hard about this for months now. Some people have called me a nut, a liar, and still others have scoffed. The facts still remain. This is being done on a regular basis and it is becoming more the norm.
What is it? Please refer to the listed link:
Though this article was written back in 2009 when this practice was limited, it is even MUCH MORE widespread now. It’s officially called:  “Shoulder Surfing”, or “Helicopter Surfing”.
The question now is, what do you say when you apply for a job, apply for collage, try out for a sports team, etc, when they ask if you have a FaceBook, Twitter, or Google Plus account? If you say yes, and they request your user name and password, what would you do? Consider, if you refuse, that could mean NO job, or NO affiliation for you. . . . .
The government, uses the provision of “Homeland Security” to spy upon it’s citizenry for security purposes. However, private concern and industry, do this under the guise of “properly vetting all of it’s applicants”. They not only want to read what you’ve posted in the past, but also use the internet as a method to “monitor your activity” and “track you” if they do hire you. 

This means, The Eyes Of Texas Will Be Upon YOU even if you are not in the confines of the workplace! Why? Because you make it EASY for them to do it! You tend to post about every fart and poo your newborn baby passes on there, that’s why! And this new thing with “Check Ins”, where you check in at restaurants, banks, schools, gyms, supermarkets, theaters, etc. Oh my, did someone just check into the nearest massage parlor, brothel, or the nearest porn palace?  I can’t believe people think it’s cute to do this!

Forgive me. Take a deep breath,  Nanci. . . . .
This means they have an IT person closeted somewhere, who’s job is to regularly check your FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, and Google Plus pages to see if you have been a bad girl or boy.

So, calling in sick, but yet posting to FaceBook photos of yourself and friends on a beach in the Bahamas. . . . .   Bad move!  In the spirit of the day, you’ll get a text from your boss, telling you that YOUR FIRED!

This was the main reason I ditched my old FaceBook Page (with my real name) and started a new one with a Nome De Plume. I’d heard through the office grapevine that my page was being monitored by the higher ups at work. Once I shut the old page, I heard narry a whisper. Now fancy that?
Furthermore, I found this to be a horrendous violation of my personal privacy. Unlike the people in the above article, I DID NOT give my job permission to do what they did. They just rooted around on the web until they found my name, and like that famous chef Emmrel: “BAM!”
I’m not saying that everyone should do what I’ve done. I only write this to caution that if you are on these sites to use them responsibly. Also know this, anything you put on the internet, STAYS on the internet. Yes, even if you delete it! It’s not truly deleted. A true computer geek (IT person) can resurrect it from the trash pile where you thought you threw it. 

The best solution? Don’t put it up there in the first place!  Period, dot.  End of statement!


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