The Fine Tooth Comb

Well, I finished the first draft of my manuscript and sent it out to be beta-ed, last week.  Now, I’m getting it back chapter by chapter.  

As I read over what my beta corrected.  I don’t have much of a problem with sentence structure and tenses.  The bane of my existence is  punctuation. 

Somewhere along the line while I was learning to write, I never really learned the proper placement of colons, semi-colons, etc.  I had no clue such simple things can destroy one’s effort to tell a story.  I guess there is such a thing as being punctuation-ally  ignorant.  Yep, I made up a word.  That’s another bad habit I have. . . .  

I’m looking at the bright side though.  I’m being forced to learn it now.  So, that when and if I do pen future publications, it will be much less work for my poor beta to do. . . . . .  

More Chai please!  


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