Hello, Hello………

Greetings All!

Sorry I haven’t been here as of late.  I’ve been really out of it.  The sudden nice weather is great but it does a number on my sinuses, allergies and migraines.  So imagine having all three.

Between taking Advil and resting, I’ve been making short sortes on Big Bertha (my laptop) to do little things here and there.  

On the spur of the moment, I decided to move “Free Enterprise”.  I formally had it under another Blogger account and under another name and email address.  But, I found it was annoying to have to bring up that account and switch back and forward.  With Blogger, if you want to use Account A, you must close Account B first, and vise versa.  It was becoming a real pain in the neck because it was a distraction to my creativity.  I don’t need anything to distract me when I’m trying to write.  So the separate accounts had to go.  

As for the blog transfer, it was successful!  I only have to go back and correct some minor details then I will officially bring it on line and introduce it to everyone.

I’m glad I learned how to do this because I have this massive blog on Writing.com that I have to export too!  This one I’m going to save to my computer though.  I’m thinking of going through it and doing one of those Blog To Book deals.  

The blog’s name is “The Kettle Calleth The Pot Black” and is where I had written extensively about Mom’s last few years.  I’m not going to edit it much except for spelling, grammar and sentence structure.  I’ve decided I want to leave it as raw as possible.  I feel it would not only do honor to my Moms memory, but it will be informative, and help dispel the myths about mental and emotional illness.  

But, this will be after I’ve completed and hopefully published “Knight Riders” which is currently in the beta/editing stage.  



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