The Love Hate Syndrome

Love Hate Syndrome?  What’s that?

You may have or may have not heard of this syndrome.  I don’t know if that is an official name for it but, it starts like this:  

You have an idea and you start writing it.  After hours, days, weeks of slaving away, you are finally finished your story.  Now you go back and read it over to edit it, and YUCK!  

In other words, while you are reading and editing what was your most precious creation, you wonder:  “What was I smoking (even though you don’t smoke funny cigarettes), or what was I drinking (even though you don’t imbibe) while I wrote this (dare I say) crap?”  

You don’t trust yourself, so you give the story to a friend to read just for kicks.  You think: “Perhaps they’ll get a good laugh or two from it before they throw it back at me and laugh in my face for penning such a stinker.”  Instead they call, text or email to tell you that your story was the best thing since sliced bread!  Now you are seriously dispute your poor friends sanity.  Perhaps they took a couple of funny blue or white pills just before they read said story.  Or perhaps they had fallen on their head.

It takes hours, perhaps days on the phone, texting, or emailing to get you to turn around and not trash your story.  Now, you’ve got a changed heart.  You read it and you simply love it!  

Raise your hands if you’ve had this has happened to you!  Both of mine are up in the air because I certainly have!  

I have no idea why creative people (writers included) go through this “Love Hate Their Work Phase”.  I suppose that is why artists of old painted over their paintings and re-wrote their music, or perhaps re-wrote their books.  

When I was much younger I used to sew my own clothing. Little things like sundresses and stuff.  I positively detested everything I made.  Only when I wore them out in public and friends would say, “Hey that’s a nice dress.” was I able to start liking what I made. Positive affirmation was the key.  I would respond, “Oh, this is just a little something I threw together on the sewing machine.”  “Oh, you can sew?”  they would ask.  And so the conversation would go.  

The Cure for “Love Hate Syndrome”

I’ve found the best cure for personal angst over what you have written, is to allow a trusted friend to read your work.  A fresh set of eyes and feedback will change your personal outlook on what you have written, and give it new life.  

I’ve also found that taking a couple of days rest away from said work will also refresh you.  If all else fails, put the work aside and start another project.  Give it perhaps a month or so and come back to it.  

Do not ever throw away or delete anything you have written. Carefully file or safely store your work(s). You can always come back to it at a later time and rework it.  

Most importantly, never give up the race!  The finish line it just around the corner!


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