Character Building

To me “Character Building” is like playing with legos.  Yes, I’m in my mid-fifties and yet I still love Legos!  Give me a box of them and I’ll go to town building only Divine knows what.

Enough of that. . . . . .

As a veteran Written RPGer (Role Playing Gamer)  one was required to create a character profile first before playing.  I’ve done it so many times, so this is very easy for me.

For example, I’ll use one of my characters from one of my stories.  He is the main protagonist of Knight Riders.

Name:  Kevin Delacroix
Sex: male.
Complexion: Milk Chocolate
Ethnically: Dominican.
He speaks: Spanish, Haitian Creole, Jamacian Patois, and Street Slang fluently.  

Now, what does he look like?

Height: 6’5″
Weight: 258 pounds
Build: Very muscular because he is into weight lifting.
Hair color:  Dark Brown, looks reddish brown in sunlight
Hair style:  4 foot long dreadlocks
Facial hair:  Neatly trimmed beard and mustache 
Eye color:  Dark brown but hazel in very bright light

Occupation:  Ex-NYPD detective now Private Detective and Recovery Specialist (aka Bounty Hunter).

Special Characteristics:  Kevin Delacroix is an Alpha Vampire.  A member of a race of Vampires who have been genetically modified by renowned geneticist  Dr. Elizabeth Chang.  She was attempting to return Vampires to their normal human state,  but discovered she could manipulate their genes to be able to tolerate sunlight, drink artificial blood (TEN), and can consume food.  Like Dr. Jekyl, Dr. Chang experimented on herself first, before she introduced her “cure” to others.  

Alpha Vampires are very protective of Humans, whom they consider their charges.  They live by a very strict code of honor and ethics system.  They are ruled by The Synod which is their world wide and highest governing authority.  What the Synod says, goes. 

Last but not least, Kevin kind of resembles:  Keith Hamilton Cobb when he played “Tyr Anasazi” in Gene Roddenberrys “Andromeda”.

That’s how I build my characters.


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