A Support Network

I had an interesting conversation with a writer who is preparing to pull up stakes (spouse, children, pets), pile into an RV (motor home) and travel the country in order to write about their (and their families) experience.  Now that would definitely take some serious preparation!  

Not only do they, and their family have to prepare, but they will also need a support network, or a supply line.

I have a five DVD set called “Everest: Beyond The Limit” where a team prepared for ten years to climb Mount Everest!  Painstaking planning had to go into each and every detail!  Why?  Because the teams lives depended on it!  

Not only did the team have to prepare, but they also needed a reliable support network / supply line! 

Similarly, when the United States Marines went to Iraq, they took a support network.  That’s one of the things the United States military is known for.  They are capable of mobilizing (organizing and moving) an entire city if need be.  They also do not go anywhere without taking their own supplies, or making sure supplies have already been sent ahead and prepared for their arrival.

I say this because we as writers need the same supply line.  The Bible says: “No man is an island. . . .”  which basically means: One man, woman or child, cannot do everything, so we need one another.  Like minded companions to travel on the same road with us, and show us the way.  

Already know the way?  Each one teach one and pay it forward.


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