The Tax Man Commeth. . . . .

Oh procrastination, procrastination! 

I never used to be such a procrastinator, but when it comes to taxes. . . . .

In years past, I had found a perfect solution.  I had a friend who was a tax preparer on the side.  She would do my taxes every year for $40.00.  All I had to do was hand her my previous years return (copies) and my W2 and she was good to go.  

She would always get on my case.  Why?  Because I never had the right paperwork, and always had to practically trash my bedroom to find my previous year’s paperwork.  But, that’s another story.  

I know, I need to be more organized. . . . . .

However, about two years ago my perfect solution and world changed.  First the United States Government decided it was spending far too much money by sending out tax forms to every taxpaying citizen.  Which left aforementioned citizens to either scramble to the nearest Post Office to pick up forms, or go on line to print out said forms.  

The next year, the United States Government decided they were no longer provide free forms at the Post Offices.  Why?  It had become too expensive, and the “greenies” were complaining this was wasteful and killing too many trees!  After all, this is supposed to be a paperless society, right?  

As a matter of fact, this was the government’s original plan of “herding us” into  e-filing our taxes.

::Que the “Jaws” theme music here::

So, last year my friend tells me:  “You can file on line now, Nanci,” and gave me the site she used.  

It was supposed to be easy-peasy, but it took me like three hours.  Me and filing taxes just never broke bread together.  That’s why I always had a trusted person to do it for me. . . . . .

I don’t remember much of that episode.  Yes, episode!   They could have made a soap opera out of it!  I don’t recall how much I got back or anything.  I was just glad I didn’t have to pay and sent it off.  

Then the nightmare started.

Well, back then the government did not tell you that when you e-file your taxes you become an instant potential victim for Identity Theft!  After all, no matter how secure the website, hackers can get in and gain access to your date of birth and social security number, bank account numbers, address, etc.  

Due to certain financial situations in my past, no one can  use my social security number to get any credit.  Any attempts would be stopped cold.  They did however, withdraw $60.00 from my debit account.  I had to go through the headache of shutting down my old account and opening a new one. 

Funny how this never happened to me until after I used “Tax Act”. . . . .  Of course you know I would NEVER use them again. . . . . . . . 

This year, I again decided to e-file again.  Only this time I decided to use a more reputable website (Turbo Tax – which was recommended by my co-workers).  It didn’t take me three hours this time.  This year I not only got nothing back, but have to pay!  I see I will have to pick up some deductions for next year!  It’s inconceivable to slave away all year for your mere pittance, then have to pay. . . . .

I’m licking my wounds, but I’ve learned my lesson.  I’ve officially crossed the finish line in the e-file race.  Next year I will file much earlier, and God willing be more financially prepared.  


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