Writing Under Duress

This has certainly been an interesting week for me at work.    Were I a Cockatoo, my head plumage would be standing on end!  Unfortunately, I cannot divulge what has me in such a tissy.  After all, if I did, remember that old 007 line, “If I told you. . . . . .”  fill in the blank.

I’ve heard the histories of famous American war correspondents, and reporters who were embedded with the military.  They risked life and limb to get the real war story out to the world.  Imagine writing, taking video, reporting while being shot at, stoned, beaten, while bombs falling on or near you. . . . . . .

In my eyes this has got to be the ultimate test of being a war correspondent.  They know the danger they are in, and keep reporting anyway.  Some to the point of losing their lives or risking serious injury.  Recently a female correspondent lost her life in such a battle.  Her name escapes me, however I remember she wore an eye patch.  She had already lost one eye in a previous brush with death, and was right back in the field. . . . .

Well how does affect the price of tea in China, Nanci?  

In the past I had written volumes under duress.  While caring for my Mom during her final years.  This was no easy feat even though she was in a nursing home.  Also while I was dealing with my own personal demons, and the victory when I slew the “dragon(s)” one by one.  Oh and I almost forgot, dealing with a crazy job which drove me. . . . . uhm. . . . crazy. . . . *cough*.

Now, I’m once again visited by turmoil and strife.  Instead of writing, editing, reviewing, and tons of other things I should be doing, I’m hunkered down just watching and waiting.  For the first time in three years I haven’t carried “Mini-Me”, my NetBook, to work (I carried three notebooks instead).  Why?  I feel the need to travel light . . . . . . 

It feels strange because Mini-Me is my digital Gal Friday and is part of me.  Apparently, for this particular part of my life, I will have to adjust to not having her with me for a bit.  I’ll just have to do things The Old School Way ( with pen and paper) until I get the all clear. 

Lesson?  Adjustment is a big part of writing under duress.


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