Know Thine Enemy

As many of you know, I’m an ardent, died in the wool, Star Trek fan to the bone.  So what have I been reading for the past two weeks while I was under the weather?  Star Wars books!  

I was prompted to do this out of necessity.  I’m currently working on a novel named “The Knight Riders”.  One of the main characters is like me, an ardent Trekkie, where as the other is an ardent Star Wars fan.  So, how can I keep the rivalry going between my two characters if I don’t know squat about Star Wars?  

So, armed with my Kindle, I hit the Amazon store, downloaded ten free books, and read two so far.  Shock of all shocks, I LIKED WHAT I READ!  Gasp! 

Now, I know what a Sith Lord is. . . . . 

Sigh!  I guess this is where the public stoning begins. . . . 


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