Getting The Hell Out Of Dodge!

Good hearted person that I am, I love to do things for people.  Especially when it comes to computer stuff.  

However, I  was in sort of a quandary in this area.  A couple of weeks ago a friend asked me to set up a website for them.  The above mentioned individual has a tendency to talk a lot of trash so I ignored them.  I figured they were just talking off the top of their head as usual and had no intention of ever making a solid commitment in that area. 

After all I am in the middle of editing and preparing to Indie publish “The Knight Riders”.  The last thing I need is to host and admin a website. . . . .  Ya know where I’m goin’ with this, right?  It’s all about time and commitment management.  

So, since I didn’t take the person seriously, I never made a move.  Well, actually I did in my mind.  Saying to myself, “If so-and-so comes to me I will do thus and so.”  

Just as I thought they had forgotten all about their little pipe dream, they came back with a vengeance!  OMG!  Now I know what it’s like to be henpecked!   If I was a fire breathing dragon, the poor person would’ve been a pile of ashes!  Thank God, I’m not. . . . . .

Anyway, I went on a free website hosting site and set up a basic website.  Of course I had to do everything under my name and email addy.  You know how that goes.  And because I did that, I became the “Super Admin” or as another friend of mine (who owns and admins a large website) calls it “The Site Goddess”.  

This means I own and control everything on the site.  I did this  because the person in question whom I shall name “ZaZa” is a Luddite.  The poor thing is utterly clueless about computers, setting up, and maintaining a site.  

Not a week later ZaZa comes to me and tells me: “It looks like you own my website and because you do, you can shut my site down anytime you want.  I don’t want you to shut down my website like you did with (someone who I won’t name here).”  This is where I went into the extensive explanation of the who, what, when, where and why of what I did.  

I had originally intended to stay on as an admin until ZaZa was acclimated to handle the site on their own.  However, clearly ZaZa’s previous statement let me know all was not going to be well in Whoville.  I asked ZaZa to sign on as a member, once they did I promoted them to Super Admin, turned over ownership, and I deleted my membership.  From there on ZaZa will have to go to the website host tech support to get answers and get help.  My commitment to this so-called “project” has officially ended.  

ZaZa is a good friend, but unfortunately they have a penchant for mucho drama and bullcrap.  Who knows what this bit of nastiness could’ve turned into?  In this day and age of cyber crime, believe it or not, folks are being sued for things like this.  That is the last thing I need.    Thank you.  

Knowing when to get the hell out of Dodge, is very helpful these days I tell ya!

Better yet, as that anonymous General said:  “That hill is not worth dying for……”


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