Where Art Thou?

Yes, Mouth Almighty hasn’t been around for a while.  Why?  I’ve been sick, *sniff, cough, cough*.

First it was the darned allergies, then a sinus infection which turned into the dreaded bronchitis!   Gads Zooks!  Not good when one already suffers from asthma.  

Amazingly I’ve been able to drag my practically lifeless hide to and from work with some regularity.  As I do need a regular source of income.  However, my writing suffered horribly.  

I’ve done no writing except for a bit of scribbling in my composition notebooks.  I stayed off my computers for two weeks.  Which was a horrid mistake, because when I finally did boot them up, both computers froze because everything tried to back up at once.  

I keep forgetting the basic principle, if you can’t be on your computer regularly, at least hook it/them up so it/they can update and back up all of your spyware and stuff. . . .

You’d think GEEK that I am, that I’d know this. . . . . . . .  

Anyway, I’m slowly getting back on my feet.  I was supposed to go to the doctor today, but it is POURING rain in New York City.  Honestly I’m like my feline companions, I HATE to get wet . . . . . 

Funny, when I was younger I used to run/jog in rain and snow.  Now, various aches remind me “Don’t even try that sister, or you will regret it!”

So I will be inside with plenty of hot liquids, tree bark cough syrup (yeah, that’s what it tastes like), and my computers.  Then folks wonder why I don’t watch TV.  Uh, it’s like I’m too busy. . . . . . .  

Bye the way, one boon to being sick is I get to read a lot. So I’ve got a couple of reviews coming up very soon.  

All of this to say.  I’m back in my command seat!

::throws cardboard cutout of self into the closet and kick slams the door shut::  


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