Yep!  You can almost smell it coming your way.   

Sailors of old used to say “Red sky at dawn, storm today.”  My Mom (God rest her soul) used to say “You can smell a storm coming.”   You really can, at least I can when my sinuses are clear.

What in the world are you talking about, Nanci?  

Negativity.  The type which usually comes on the heels of what you consider your greatest accomplishment.  Sad to say, it usually comes disguised as a close friend, associate, or family member.  Someone you love and trusted.  Let me tell you, just because it has a friendly/familiar face on it, doesn’t mean that it’s all fine and dandy! 

The Cat O’ Nine Tails doesn’t cease to hurt just because it has a pink bow on it.  I have nothing against friends, family and associates, but they have a tendency to hurt the worst, and with so little words or actions.  

Case in point.  You just put the finishing touches on your story and you hand it to a friend/associate/family member, etc to read and their comment is like:  “I’ve read better.”  

“Now, what the hell do you mean by that?” Is one question you’d wonder.  Or:  “What the heck have you been reading, The National Enquirer, The Globe, World Wrestling Federation Magazine……..?”   We writer’s have a tendency to seriously doubt the intelligence level of some people.  After all we do spend a significant amount of time exposed to the written word….

I pray the person in question at least had a modicum of decorum and would not say those exact words, but….  If they do  it’s high time to weigh anchor and get the hell out of there.  Make sure you ask for your manuscript back before you go though…..  

Why do you say that, Nanci?  

When you embark upon a new adventure (it doesn’t have to be writing) the last thing you need is some negative person to tell you that you “can’t” do it, or you will never make it, or you are wasting your time.  Why?  Because if you soak up enough negative input, you will never complete what you started to do.  Unfortunately, there are people out there who “feed off of” and get a “personal charge” out of derailing other people’s hopes, dreams, and plans.  Like that old saying:  “Misery loves company.”  As I said earlier, it is especially painful when there is a friendly face on it…….

Personally, I’ve nearly been sidelined by many such distractions.  The nattering nabobs, the ne’er do wells, who ne’er do well, because they ne’er do anything but run down others who do.  What brought me out of “the dumps” were those who encouraged me, stayed on my case, and checked my progress.  It’s funny how often these very people are complete strangers…… 

Sure, Mount Everest is a bear to climb, but the sense of accomplishment once it has been done is tremendous.

Of course, we always swear:  “I’ll never do that again!”  But, once you’ve broken ground, and find out the task really wasn’t that hard, you will.  



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