The Doctor Says………

Well, I finally dragged my carcass to the clinic yesterday.  Funny thing about it, I really had no intention of going to the doctor.  After all, if I’ve suffered this mystery malady for the past three weeks without running to the doctor, why go now?  

At some point in one’s life, one becomes sick of being sick.  Simply put, I was sick of coughing up a lung……  Figuratively speaking of course.  

I was just sick of the Doberman Pincer bark-like cough and taking tree sap cough syrup, and people hastening to get the hell away from me in public.  At work, my co-workers cut a wide swath around me.  I wish I could cut a wide swath around myself too…..

The end result of my examination, my pressure is up and of course the cough.  The doctor told me for the past few weeks she’s had patients coming in with the same complaint.  A cough that will not leave.

The doctor gave me a prescription for more cough medication, but no antibiotics.  My, how the medical field has changed.   Ten years ago the doctor would’ve given me Zithromax, or Ciphro, but no more. Not with the increase of drug-resistant diseases. 

I wouldn’t want it anyway.  I hate taking that stuff because I usually wind up smelling like it.  Ugh!

Back home I scurried and crashed.  Did I mention, I hadn’t been able to sleep properly for the past few weeks?  Yes, insomnia had raised it’s ugly head again……

The doctor gave me a note recommending I take a few days off.  She also indicated that my workplace should be tested for mold (for all the good that will do).  She suspects I have been suffering from mold exposure.  I can’t wait to see the reaction (if any) when the Powers That Be at work get THIS doctor’s note.  

As if there is not enough drama in “Drama Central”.

To be continued. . . . . . . .


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