Mother’s Day – 2012

We all know today is Mother’s Day.  I watch with a bit of sadness as New York City dwellers crowd the stores, buying gifts for their moms, wives, etc.  

“Thank God you still have a mom to buy for.”  I think.  Mine passed away 08/04/2012.  Though she was beset with many illnesses, and in the end died by her own hand (refused to eat or allow the medical staff in the nursing home to insert a feeding tube), I still miss her tremendously.  

Yes, I was forced at the tender age of 17 to take care of her like a baby until I reached 55 years of age.  She was in and out of the hospital with nervous breakdowns, a bout with colon cancer, and finally had to be placed in a nursing home.

The significant fact I recall about my mother was that she was a “Praying Mother”.  You see I was a very sickly child and was always home from school sick, with allergies and asthma (much like I am today).  I would fall asleep and wake up to her kneeling, singing hymns and praying at my bedside.  During those years, before she had her first “break”, she always did that.  I was simply fascinated that one could talk to The Creator Of The Universe (God) like He was right there in the room!  

Much later on in life, after I’d become a Christian the roles were reversed.  I stood at my mother’s bedside with two other Sisters in Christ, and prayed for my Mom as I anointed her with oil.  Her eyes became wide like saucers as if to ask:  “You can pray like that?” 

“Of course, I can pray, Mom.  How can I not, when you taught me how.”  


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