I Write To Entertain Myself

I am an avid Amazon book customer, and as a result I get bombarded with emails for the latest titles in the genres I most enjoy.  My ultimate favorite genre is STAR TREK.  Everything else gets on line and falls behind that. . . .

However, I received an email yesterday touting the most recently published Star Trek novels and I was sadly disappointed.  There were only six of them.  That’s right, SIX!   One was obviously a re-release. “Klingon for the Intergalactic Traveler” by Mark Okrand (now you know that’s a redo of “The Klingon Dictionary”), two of which I’d already read, and one I’d only read halfway.  Reason?  The plot of said story was so boring.   OMG!  How can you write BORING STAR TREK? 

AKKK!  My eyes!  Back away from the ebook, Nanci!

This is exactly why I’ve embarked on the mission of writing my own Star Trek fanfiction.  I simply got sick of the boring clap-trap that Paramount/CBS Productions has be shoveling out to Star Trek fans.  Paramount/CBS is a typical large conglomerate who believes if they pump out substandard stories and slap the words “Star Trek” on it, the fans would mob the stores and strip the shelves (or download copies like crazy), like the Biblical plague of locusts.  Way back when, this used to happen, but, over the years, Star Trek fans wised up and recognized these books for what they are, a waste of their hard earned money.

To me, there is nothing more infuriating than spending money for a poorly written book. . . . .

I digress. . . . .

As I mentioned before in a much earlier post (on this very blog as a matter of fact), that the Powers That Be at Paramount/CBS Productions have very strict standards by which potential and regular writers must write.  I wouldn’t say it’s strictly by cannon, but their writers are not allowed to go beyond certain inane boundary lines.  

Please don’t ask about J.J. Abrahms (who managed to go completely off the reservation by blowing up Vulcan).  Perhaps that happened because both Gene and Majel Roddenberry are no longer on this mortal coil, and in control of the helm.

Of course, I as an Old Guard Trekkie, I was ticked. . . .

Definition:  an Old Guard Trekkie is one who has been watching Star Trek since the 1960’s, not one of those “New Jacks” who came on board with the 2008 movie.

Back to the post. . . . . 

I’ve mentioned all of this to show that one of the main reasons I write is to entertain myself.  Paramount won’t let their writers write certain things, so I boldly go forth and write them.  I happen to love humor in Star Trek, so  again I go forth where no man has gone before, and write it.  After all, what is life if there isn’t a funny or two or ten? 

The funny thing about Star Trek, some of the most memorable episodes are the funny ones.  “Trouble With Tribbles”,  “I Mudd” and  “Amok Time”.  Well, I personally found “Amok Time” to be funny.  I also have a crazy sense of humor. . .

Oh, bye the way, this policy also carries over to my regular writing.  If I don’t have fun and enjoy what I’m writing, why write?  


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