The Lioness Roars

I was forced to stand my ground on the Mystery Website issue (mentioned in a previous post).  

First, ZaZa was ticked and called me “cruel” for texting her to tell her that I had made her Super Admin of her own site.  Now wait one minute hay-er!   Didn’t you say that you didn’t like the fact that I had complete control over your site (Creator/Super Admin), and wanted control of it?  So, I handed over control of it to you and now you are ticked?  Can you see and hear the coo-coo clock?  

Then ZaZa tells me that she doesn’t know the first thing about running a web site  . . . . . . .   Oh, Duh!  This is why I had set up the thing in the first place. She came to me and asked me to, and out of the kindness of mine own heart.  

I know, esta muy stupido!   Had I known this was going to be such a landfield  I would’ve ran for my dear life!  Since I’m stuck here, I have to perform DOD measures.  In military speak, DOD means Disarm and Destroy. . . . .

I went into an extensive explanation of her responsibilities of a website owner, especially if one has an interactive website.  You must have someone to moderate the site 24/7/365 to monitor what your members are posting, and to block, delete and kick off undesirables.  I’ve done it before on a large Star Trek 200 plus member website.  

Since I work nights, I would bring in Mini Me (my netbook) sign on and watch out for interlopers.  I did that for about 2 years until they shut down the wifi network at my job.  I found it very enjoyable because I had a stealth code where no one but the site owners and admins knew who I was.  When some one suspicious showed up, I would always challenge and scare the hell out of them.  I was essentially an internet guard dog.  

You need people like that on your interactive site because  most web hosts do not want any kind of objectionable material  posted on any of their users sites!  Why? the U.S. Government WILL come in and  WILL shut them down, that’s why!  This may be the land of free speech (U.S. Constitution, First Amendment), but you try posting crap or hosting people who post crap, they will shut you down and confiscate your servers in a heartbeat! 

So, its far easier for web host sites to toss the individual site owners from the train, than to suffer a government shut down, and lose money. 

It’s happened to Wordpress several times during the past two years.  They were shuttered because some of their users were posting porn and/or advertising drugs (both illicit and pharmaceutical) on their sites.  

That’s why you need a moderator/ or site monitors.  They are the “Checkpoint Charlie” or “Road Block” for your site’s security.  If the visitor doesn’t pass muster, either they don’t get in, or they get ejected.  Rule of thumb.  YOU kick the trouble makers off YOUR SITE so YOUR SITE won’t get the booted off the web host’s server!  One plus one, equals two. 

I further explained that owning a website is a business that you must keep track of.  There is no such thing as “set it and forget it.”  

So ZaZa’s next statement was:  “How much would you charge if I paid you?”  When I refused ZaZa’s offer, her mouth hung open.  

Number one, for me to take her money would obligate me to be at her beck and call 24/7/365.  That’s not happening, not with my insane schedule!  Number two, that is a very easy way to get sued. I don’t believe in taking people’s money for services I cannot render.  Last time I looked, that was a crime.  Number three, which should be number one, “Never piss in your mess kit”.  ZaZa and I work together.  I already work in a very tense, stressful, and sometimes hostile work environment.  Why should I add friction over money and a half baked business venture to the mix?  I’d have to be nuts!  Nope, this is not gonna happen.

I simply told her I am not going to take her money, because I am incapable of fulfilling my obligations in regard to said site.  I don’t have the time, period, dot!  I’m running my own little business, plus editing and preparing to publish my book. Plus I work full-time, have church obligations, somewhere along the way I have to sleep, work out, clean house, cook, eat, WRITE, WRITE, WRITE, etc.  Talk about overwhelmed.    

It’s amazing how some people think because one is single, has no children, no boyfriends, and what they assume no social life, that you are a slug just lying around waiting for someone to pour salt on you. . . . . . .

Just had to get that out. . . . . . 

I needed this foolishness like I need another hole in my head!  I believe God already given me enough, thank you very much!   Plus, I don’t wanna end up on Judge Judy.

I also may sound a tad paranoid, but I believe this is all a plot to throw me off track.  ZaZa is well aware of the fact what I  am working on Knight Riders and is trying to stop me by distracting me with Bravo Sierra!  Plain and simple I’m dealing with someone who is extremely jealous and will do practically anything to derail my progress.  

After all, if I’m busy with her nonsense, where will I find time to. . . . .   You get the picture folks.  I wasn’t born yesterday nor the day before.  This old Lioness knows what ZaZa’s is up to.

Sadly, if she applied herself, ZaZa could accomplish the same goals I’m working towards.  However, she has obviously chosen to be The Devil’s Advocate. . . .  . . .

Of course, you know this situation beareth close watching.   Like the lionesses on the Serengeti watching the Zebra herds, I am. . . . . . . .


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