Busy, Busy, Busy!

Have you ever had one of those days where you go into to work, and it’s like the 4 by 4 relay in Olympic Track?  The starting pistol goes off the minute you get in and the race is on till you clock out?

Well, I had that happen to me this morning!  You’d think working at midnight would be QUIET.  After all most people are asleep!  Only the barflies and criminal element are out at that hour.  The long arm of the law is out too, that’s why I’m at work, cuz I’m a civilian member of their team.

Well, it was paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, type, type, type, scroll, scroll, click, click, print, print!  The only times I stopped was when I took my meal break, and personals (potty breaks).  The reason for the overload?  Lack of staff.

I’ve faced that demon long ago when I first started working there.  Even though there is a serious lack of man power, they (The Powers That Be) are not going to do a thing about it.  As long as they have people who will come in and bust their nuggets and overwork themselves.  Me?  I am a plugger like the tortoise.  I do oooooonnnnne thing at a time until I complete the task, then go on to the next until I am finished.  

So, by the time I left work, I had most of the mess cleaned up.  

Of course, this means, I had no time to write.  But that’s alright, I’ll make up for lost time this weekend.  

Until then, I keep on plugging.

::SIGH::  Five more years till retirement. . . . . .


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