The War Of The Websites

Call it the nature of the beast.  I’m not happy unless I’m busy.  I may gripe, but there is nothing like having things to do to keep me going.  That’s why I love to write.  

I can always sit down at my computer and type out a blog, a short story, and since entering NaNoWriMo, a book!  I’m also busy reading and writing reviews, taking photos, etc.  Least we forget, my night job. . . . . . .

It’s amazing I have time to rest, eat, work out, do errands and chores, you know?  

However, at this particular juncture I took on a little too much.  I’m in the process of editing my story, by adding and tightening up some of the dialog, etc.  As soon as I finish that, I will be seeking someone to do a professional critique.  

I’m also planning to get my own website.  I love it here on Blogger, but I’m frustrated that I’ve got four separate blogs.  I had a consultation with someone and they quoted a reasonable price to build a site where I can house all four blogs at one time.  I just have to get the duckets together.  

As if that wasn’t enough, I heard about JuNo (like NaNoWriMo but in June) and signed up.  Now, in reality Nanci, how in the world were you going to pound out 3,000 words a day with all of the stuff you’re already doing?  Huh?


However, there is there is one dark cloud that just will not go away!

ZaZa is back in the picture!  Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water (::cue the JAWS music::)!  I thought surely I’d sent her packing the last time I spoke to her!  I’d specifically told the woman I did NOT have the time to deal with her and her so-called site!  That’s why I’d originally REFUSED to take payment from her.  

However, she is under some strange and misbegotten impression that I am going to give her lessons on how to set up and care for her site.  I’d already explained that Spruz  (the web host) has instructional videos she can watch to learn how to do whatever.  They also have blogs to read on all subjects and live chat, so she can talk directly to a Spruz IT person and they will assist her!  All she has to do is apply one’s self.  But, NOOOOOOOO!  She called me several times thinking I’m going to bottle feed her.  

Remember that saying:  The very thing I feared has come upon me?  I’m planning to do what exactly what ZaZa didn’t want me to do in the first place.  Why?  Because I clearly will not have any peace over this.  In other words, she will use this crap to harass me at work AND at home.  It is bad enough that my workplace is hostile and stressful, this would make it intolerable. 

As for home, I treasure my privacy and shouldn’t have to answer to a Loony-Tune co-worker on my own personal time.  Encroachment (or as we used to say back in the day, “Bogart-ing”) I will NOT tolerate!  I don’t care WHO you are, you must to have respect for me as a person, and must respect my personal privacy, period! If I tell you I am not available, I am not available! Now back off, or you will get the flamethrower treatment!

As for the job, I don’t need any more DRAMA in my workplace than what is already there!  Especially over something utterly selfish, senseless, and foolish like this. 

Sadly, the site has been up for about six weeks now and nothing has been done to it.  If ZaZa had been really interested (or legit), she would’ve had the thing set up, had members joining and everything.  But nothing, squat, nada, zip, zero, has been done.  It’s like moving into a new house, but living there with the boxes unpacked and the furniture piled in a corner. . . . . .  Need I say more?

Obviously, this is a water bug I will have to squash and very soon.  Either I will turn complete control of the site over to ZaZa (if I can find out how to do it), or if all else fails I will “scuttle” the site, and face the fire.  If ZaZa is that interested in having her own site, I’m gonna tell her that she will have to find someone else to set it up and run it for her. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, this whole “site” business, was nothing but Bravo Sierra, a sham and a set up to distract me from editing and publishing my book and tending to my blogs.  I admit, it did sideline me for a couple of weeks (along with a nasty sinus infection), but no more and never again! 

Battle Stations!  Battle Stations!  This is not a drill!   

                          The USS Enterprise CVN-65


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