MK Blog Tour – Guest: Natalie Starr-Kroll

Time After Time, by Natalie Star

This week I’d like to thank Nanci for guest hosting me! *waves* Thanks Nanci! 

“Hi Natalie!  It’s great to have you back to visit!  Here’s today’s question: What song fits with your paranormal romance eBook, “The Keeper”? 

Natalie:  “I cannot take credit for the song chosen. Back in January I had a young lady read and review my eBook when it first came out. Ms. Katie Savidge was the one to match the cover song by Quitedrive “Time After Time” to the story. I have to agree with her choice, it’s a pretty perfect fit. This emotional song captures a relationship gone and the confusion surrounding it, which is only one part of many in The Keeper, but an important one.”

Natalie continues:  “Here are some of the words to the song.”

After Time My picture fades and darkness Has turned to grey, Watching Through windows You’re wondering If I’m okay. If you’re lost you can look and you will find me, Time after time, If you fall I will catch you I’ll be waiting Time after time. This song was originally sung by Cindi Lauper.”

Katie’s review:

Time After Time by Cyndy Lauper:

If you’ve read this story do you agree? If you haven’t, what story have you read recently that you can pair a song with? And why?

Natalie Star

“The Keeper: is available at many fine online eBook stores!


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