Taking Stock

For the longest time I’d been crowing about a story I had written named “The Knight Riders”.  Well, I took the step and let someone read it.  

I sent a couple of chapters and waited on pins and needles for the outcome.  When it came, it was like a brick upside the head.  In essence, I would have to start all over again.  Not from scratch, but with a fine tooth comb.  

I sat on the side on my bed and wondered “Why bother?  Just put it away and forget it.  You’ve got your blogs, forget about writing a book for a while.  At least until after you retire.”  

Then I went out for a run, which greatly improved my outlook.  While pounding the pavement, I had the opportunity to talk to God about it.  I didn’t get an answer right then.  But, after I completed my run I decided to do some push ups.  

I used to be able to bang out 20 military style push ups at a pop.  Today I could hardly do two…….

“OMG!  Am I really that out of shape?”  I wondered.  All the while my mind is spinning and thinking of steps to build myself back up…….   Right then I had my answer, I will take similar steps to finish what I had started when I wrote “The Knight Riders”.  

It’s gonna be rough going.  But if others have made it through the editing process, so can I.  

After all:

Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul.
Douglas MacArthur

And I don’t want a wrinkled soul………..


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