A Rose Is A Rose

To quote Shakespeare’s  Romeo and Juliet: ” What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose.  By any other name would smell as sweet.”  

Which begs a question:  If I change my pen name, am I still me?  Of course I am.

Yesterday (06/12/2012) I made the decision to change my nom de plume.  For the record it used to be:  N. Alexandria Cornelius.  Even though that is a nice name for a writer and possible author, in reality it’s too long.  

Too long for people (possible fans) to say, too long for people (possible fans) to remember.  Let’s face it, even I had a problem recalling the thing!  It too darned long to put on the front of a book cover.  Unless said book cover happens to be one of the wrap around kind which folds out like a paper map…….

I now can look back I wonder, what was I smoking or drinking when I concocted that name?  Even though I don’t smoke or imbibe, I still went off the rails with that one!  I must have thought I was either naming a ship, or a prized race horse.

So in order to come up something easy to remember and a lot easier to place on the front of my book(s), off I went to the online name sites and……… drum roll please……

Amadi Kyymm.  The first name Amadi (Ah-MA-Dee) is African/Ghanaian for “beautiful”.  It also has a very deep alternate meaning “child predicted to die at birth”, which has special meaning to me.  I was born prematurely and the doctors had predicted to my Mom that I wouldn’t live. But, here I sit……..

Why do I have a pen name in the first place?  Please check out the following interesting and informative article.  

Five Good Reasons To Use A Pen Name

#4.   Can be easily adapted to what I’d previously mentioned.  If your pen name is not easy to pronounce, no one will remember you.

#5.   Privacy is tantamount for me.   Not that I will become famous or anything.  But, I’m ever so blessed, I don’t care to be mobbed in the streets, the supermarket, or the subways.  I’d also like to maintain a measure of privacy at work too. 

Thank You
Amadi Kyymm


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