MK Blog Tour Guest: Peggy Browning

This is the fourth week of the MasterKoda Blog Tour, boy did that month just fly by!  So far I’ve met some wonderful people.  

Introducing my next guest who wants to share her special insight about her reading habits.  Let’s give a round of applause for, Peggy Browning!

So many books…so little time! I feel rushed to read everything I possibly can in the short time I have here on Earth. There’s such a big variety of subjects that I want to read about and such a plethora of great writers that I find I’m unable to choose just one as my favorite author.

What and who I read is dictated by my mood. I am always in search of a good story, well told. Sometimes I’m in the mood for something light and funny while other times I can go to a dark place, knowing that I’ll emerge on the side of good winning over evil.

Sometimes I just want to visit with my favorite characters from previous books and see what they’ve been up to since the last time we met.

My favorite authors are good story tellers who can make me care about the characters, make me laugh or cry, make me identify with the emotions the characters experience be it fear or joy. They make me turn page after page to find out what happens next.

I return time and again to these authors:
• Stephen King, for good vs. evil
• John Grisham, for believable action
• Sue Grafton, for a good mystery
• Maeve Binchy, for a happy ending well wrapped
• Jan Karon, for reunions with returning characters
• Fannie Flagg, for lovable Southern characters
• Elizabeth Berg, for exploration of emotions

I hope there’s library access in the afterlife and that I don’t forget my library card. I’m pretty sure that I could continue reading through Eternity and never read everything on my reading list.


Peggy Browning is a writer looking at her life after age 50 through rose-colored bifocals. She writes about issues facing the boomer crowd with humor and wit. She has reinvented herself many times through life’s exciting adventures, varied jobs and diverse careers.

She’s been a special education teacher, social worker, waitress, newspaper carrier, newspaper correspondent, fruit stand owner, nurse’s aide, janitor and writer/entrepreneur. And that’s just a few of the jobs she’s been paid to do during her first 5 decades…

Catch her musings about life after 50 on her blog at her website,,
her opinion column and feature news stories at,
and blogs at
Visit her Facebook page at Browning, Writer.jpg

Thanks so much for stopping by, and voicing the same opinions I have!  My books (especially well-written ones) are my friends to be revisited over and over again!

Do you have a favorite or favorite books/authors?  Do you go back and re-read those books over again? 

Also, please stop by to read my guest post on Jennifer Don’s Blog:  “Ravishing Thoughts”. 


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