This has certainly been some week! All I wanted to do was write, but somehow I never got around to it. Well, I wasn’t able to do much.

First, I was having a problem with browsers again. I thought I had rectified that problem when I had downloaded the latest versions, defragged and debugged my computer with spyware and antivirus programs. But still the problems persisted. Despite the fact I switched from one browser to another.

What was causing said problem in the first place? I had (notice I said “had”) my blogs on Blogger and was attempting to update my blog “Radical Scribblings” for the MK Blog Tour. A simple task which should have taken, oh perhaps 15 minutes, took nearly two hours. Two hours! Yep, because the stupid CHROME browser kept crashing. With Chrome it’s more like “Opsy! Something went wrong!” I tried all of their suggestions by clearing my cookies, setting up an alernate account.  Still “no good”,  as they say in pro football.

So I got disgusted and sent for backup. Next up, OPERA! I used to use Opera in the past and was very satisfied with it. I can’t seem to recall why I stopped using it. I think it was because I’d discovered Chrome. Anyway, I was doing fine until I discovered quite by accident, that Blogger no longer supports Opera. According to the annoying warning bar which pops up on your screen, you are given the option to down load Chrome or chance going ahead, but about half of your funtions on your site will not work.

So, I went to my third browser which is Firefox. Once I got used to it again I did fine for all of two days, then I started to have major problems. Up popped that stupid warning bar again, telling me my browser is no longer supported by Blogger, and in order for my site to work. . . . well you know the rest.

Therein I blew my stack and wrote a very nasty message to the support people at Google! If they wanted feedback, there it was! After all, who did they think they were, dictating which browser one must be used on thier sites? In essence they want you to use Chrome on Blogger because they own both. That’s like if you work for X Beer Company, you must drink only X Beer! Disgusting!

As a result of that fiasco, I’ve started the process of moving my blogs to WordPress. I’ve moved one so far and I guess this will be my project for the rest of the summer, as I move the rest of them.

The bad news? I’m gonna miss Blogger because It was really user friendly and I knew how to use it like the back of my hand. WordPress is a tad more complicated, but doable. I’ll survive. me and my six guns!   :+)

Trials, Trials, & Tribulations Of Browsers!


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