What, No Weekends?

RDO  means Regular Days Off, in cop speak.

Thank God for regular days off!  I’ve had a busy and unconventional week.  Actually, I NEVER have a conventional week.   When I started working for the police department I was told there is no such thing as weekends or holidays.  Why?  Because The Police Department operates 24/7/365.  The criminal element doesn’t go on holiday, neither should the Defenders Of Justice.

 So  I officially waved good bye to  EVER having weekends off, unless I was sick and HAD to take one off, or was on vacation.     

RDO also means two consecutive days off.  It can be Monday – Tuesday, Tuesday – Wednesday,  Wednesday – Thursday,  Thursday – Friday,  Friday – Saturday,  Sunday – Monday.   Please note, the regular weekend is not included.   .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   

Why do I not have weekends off ?  Because weekends (and holidays) are very busy times for both the criminal element and the police alike.  People are off from work, so they go out to eat, to concerts, to party, clubbing,  hang out,  get drunk/high, and (ehem) have casual sex, and  as a result, folks get pick pocketed, robbed,  assaulted, homes get burglarized, and we must not forget stabbings or shootings.

Looking at this you’d probably say:  “It’s safer to stay home.”  NOT!  The highest incidences of Domestic Violence are on weekends and holidays!  For strange reason, during The Super Bowl spouses/significant others seem especially violent.  

It is essential for me to be there because “Crime Begets Paperwork”.  Every time cops get called to a scene of a crime, they have to fill out paperwork.  That paperwork gets turned into the station house and it is my job to enter said paperwork into the computer in a timely fashion.    Especially if there is a big investigation going on.  Everyone wants hard copy.  And everybody wants it right now.  .  .  .  .  .

I usually don’t complain, but recently my crazy and unconventional schedule  has become trying and  draining.  Perhaps because I’m older.  Actually it is definitely because I am older.  When I get home I’m not fit for anything but to crash in bed and lay unconscious for at least five hours.  Then arm up for battle and return to the battlefield.  Yes, I eagerly look forward to the day when I retire.  Alas I will have weekends free to do what I want to do.  

For now, I’m grateful for my job, and what I do, though it be trying. . . . . .



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