A Day of Infamy

I never thought I’d see the day.  They say  that you can see and encounter anything in New York City.   I’ve certainly seen some stuff that has  made my hair stand on end.  However, I had yet to encounter such a horror as this.

Imagine working closely with a co-worker for several years.  You’ve learned to trust them and hopefully they you.  You’ve got each others back, just in case the ultimate happens.  Then one day they do the unthinkable.  They steal your equipment!  

For months this was the subject of an intense investigation, as a result the person was arrested today.  However, there was no rejoicing, no laughing, no tossing of confetti, and no noisemakers.    Just some very cheesed off co-workers who’d love to get their hands on the offender.   

The workplace used to be safe.  After all, we are The Defenders Of Justice. . . . . . . .

 Now, we are no longer safe, not even from our own. .  . . . . .    

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One comment on “A Day of Infamy

  1. Wow. That’s scary. I’m glad I ive in a place where no one except police and criminals carry guns. And I myself have never seen a gun in person except for replica toys in a specialty toy store. In jurisdictions like mine, guns gravitate toward each other, and someone who carries a gun will end up running into other people who carry guns–and some of them will want to shoot her. Of course, if every shmoe carries a gun while walking their dog or going to the corner store, that’s not necessarily true. It’s a fine distinction that neither side of the gun control debate seems to notice. Sorry for the huge segue, and hope you feel safe again someday.

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