Keeping Things Close to the Vest

It is the desire of every human being, to be liked and to fit in.  We expect everyone to share in the joy of our accomplishments, so like little kids we run, show and tell them.  Friends, co-workers, associates, we tell them all the same thing.  “Oh, lookie what I did!”  

You always expect them to applaud and give you compliments and perhaps some encouragement.  But, what do you do when the exact opposite happens, and when jealousy raises it’s ugly head?   Poor innocent writer,  you  tell someone and instead of encouragement, or being happy, they engage in a systematic program to not only stop you, but to destroy you.  

This brings me back to my old nemesis, ZaZa.   Yes, I thought I was done with her after I scrammed her so-called website.  Personally I thought so too.  I was glad she never came back and asked me why I did what I did.  I would’ve told her up front that I did not trust her motives and no longer wanted to be part of her so-called plot.  But, as I said before, she never came to me.  

However, I noticed a subtle change in the workplace.  People who were formally friendly with me, suddenly stopped speaking to me.  Oh they were polite but they made doubly sure they weren’t around me too long.  My so-called graphic designer co-worker/friend who had agreed to make a cover for me, suddenly decided to make himself scarce.  When I saw him the first thing he’d  declare was, “Oh, I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to get to your cover, I’ve been busy. . . .”  I’m afraid I’m never going to get water from that hole.   . . . . . . .

I know what that is.  ZaZa has much influence in the workplace told/manipulated people into staying away from me and not to help me.    The truly sad thing is, they haven’t a clue that  I have affiliations OUTSIDE of the workplace.  So, if my so-called friend and co-worker won’t do it, I know others who will.

The most outrageous of all is another co-worker out of the blue came to me and said:  “I hear you need an editor for your manuscript, and I am the guy to do it!”  It sounded like a used car salesman saying “This little baby over here was only driven on Sundays by a little granny who only drove to and from church.”   The statement shocked the heck outta me because I NEVER told this guy that I needed an editor!  After what I’ve been through with ZaZa,  I’d have to be NUTS to give my unpublished manuscript to him!  Of course I couldn’t tell him that, so I told him that the only way he was going to read my story, if he truly wanted to read it so badly, is when it’s posted on Amazon.    

Then he went on to tell me, “Oh, ZaZa is writing a book so there’s gonna be some big competition in this office, eh?”  I went on to say, “There will be no competition.  If she wants to write and publish a book she is more than welcome to do so.”  

I didn’t add writing, publishing, and selling a book is not as easy as ZaZa may think it is. First of all, you have to know how to write.  Next if you write crap, no one is going to publish it.  Lastly, if they do publish it, no one will buy or read it, even if it is for free.  The reading public can be very fickle.  I guess ZaZa figured since I’m writing a book, she’s going to do the Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better, thing.  Well, go ahead.  Last time I looked around, this is a free country. . . . .      

By the way, I can already see the storm clouds on the horizon and I’m NOT going to help her!  After what I suffered because the “site” incident, I’m NEVER going in that direction again.   From now on, if ZaZa wants help she will have to find it somewhere else.  

Why?  Because she has proven herself to be untrustworthy.  She is also the type of person who doesn’t just want help, she wants to suck you dry like a Vampire!  You know what?  I don’t feel like being sucked dry today, or any day. . . . . . .     

So, from now on I’m keeping my actions and plans close to my vest. 

 Of course you know, I have my enemy targeted. . . . . . . . . . . .


3 comments on “Keeping Things Close to the Vest

  1. Hmm. This is a work place you say, not an elementary school? It always gets me when people say they are going to write a book as if it is so easy. They just don’t understand that it takes time, effort, money and a thick skin. Keep your head high, you will get through it.

    • Thank you so much Karen! I’m actually laughing at this whole situation. They have no clue that they have actually given me fodder to write about. I can list it under Workplace Drama & How Not to Get Involved in it!.

  2. Great scenes for any workplace or stabbing in the back you ever need to write. In the meantime free entertainment. But it stinks to work in an atmosphere like this long-term.

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