Sour Apples

In a landmark decision on 08/24/2012 a California court decided that Samsung had violated Apple’s trademark copyrights and awarded them billions of dollars in damages. 

Why was this? Apple accused Samsung of duplicating their technology in creating the Samsung Galaxy Tab (referring to the tabs rectangular shape – Apple has dibs on the rectangular shape). Samsung also violated Apples trademark copyrights by creating a system (Android or “Droid”) which utilized a touch screen.

This also applied to the line of Samsung’s line of Galaxy cellphones. Apple claimed that when Samsung created these devises, they were aping or imitating I-Phone technology.

What do I have to say about this? A pox upon Apple’s house!

First of all, I used to admire Apple because of Steve Jobs’ drive and innovation, but, because of this nastiness, my respect for the product has plummeted to the bottom with a great a crash. Jobs was never about suing other companies because they made similar products. He was about creating better and more advanced products.  

This whole lawsuit thing makes me sick. It make me sicker when I heard early on Monday morning (08/27/2012) that Samsung’s stock on the Korean market had tanked. Meaning they’d lost billions because of the California court ruling. Of course Samsung is appealing the decision. I hope they win too!

Where does Apple get off suing Samsung in the first place? Ford motors did not sue General Motors because they made cars like them. Nor did Chevy sue Toyota for making cars like them. Each car company strove to manufacture more innovative products that customers would buy, or return and buy if they wanted a second vehicle. Competition spurs invention, innovation, and better products. DUH!

What I see here is Apple is trying to kill the competition in the computer market. I feel if you have a good product, and people imitate it, you should be confident enough in what the product is and leave your competitors alone. Just concentrate on creating better and more updated products which will in turn create a new customer base.

I consider Apple a bunch of whimps for what they did. Number one if they were really concerned about their so called customer base, they would create a more reasonably priced products. I know people who (including me) would love to have I-Products but find them (and their paraphernalia) far too pricy for their tastes. So budget conscious shoppers will comparison shop and buy something cheaper which does the same thing. Android phones and Galaxy Tabs. . . . . . .

Like if you need a car and can’t afford a BMW, you buy a Toyota. It’s still a car. . . . . . . .

I wonder if Apple has ever considered that. Probably not, that’s why they were in court. . . . . .

Then you have folks who just don’t like Apple products. They’ve tried them and . . . . like the woman shopping in Radio Shack, when I was buying my phone. . . . “I don’t see what all the big fuss was about.” she said. She was trading in her I-Phone for a Samsung phone.  

Folks have the right to buy what they want to buy, and what they like. That’s why there are a VARIETY of products on the market in every area! Some are lousy and some are excellent, but they all have the right to be on the market just the same. So get over it Apple!

I would love to say that due to this dust up I am officially done with Apple and I would never purchase one of their products. I’ve had Samsung products for the past 18 years and love them!

However, I’m due to update my phone to the latest model next month. Since the recent court order, I may not be able to buy the latest Samsung Galaxy phone. I’m not sure if Samsung has been banned from selling, and supporting, as well as manufacturing Android products. If they are, this means I may have to cross enemy lines, into enemy territory and buy an I-phone.

Ugh! I will be holding my nose when I do.


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