Dog Gone!

There was a recent story in my local newspaper which bemoaned the death of a Pit bull named Star (The New York Daily News, August 14, 2012). Star belonged to a man nick named “Polok”, who was homeless and irresponsible in caring for both himself and the animal. This resulted in Star being fatally shot by the police.

The story was as follows. The police received a 911 call that Polok was lying comatose on the sidewalk and couldn’t be roused. In short, people thought he was dead.

The police were dispatched to assist and found the situation as described. However, during their attempts to determine if Polok was seriously injured, needed medical assistance, etc, a loose pit bull (Star) took off and began chasing a female bystander. One officer pursued Star, placing himself in harms way to divert the animal, which turned on him and chased him. This forced the officer to chose between being bitten by the pit bull or shooting it. The officer shot the animal in the head, killing it.

Afterward there was a hue and cry about the pit bull. Neighborhood denizens claimed that Star was a friendly and faithful animal who was only protecting her master. Why did the officer have to kill it, instead of. . . . .

What can one possibly do to stop a rampaging pit bull? I wonder if people even know what it’s like to be attacked, bitten and or mauled by a pit bull? If they did, they wouldn’t ask such inane question!

I guess to the officer was supposed to allow the creature to rip his throat out, or tear his face off, all for the sake of Star. What of the officers family? Has anyone thought of that?

It turns out that Polok was bombed out of his mind on alcohol and drugs. His faithful canine companion Star, had been taken away from him by the ASPCA a month earlier. Why? Because he had bitten a woman a month previously. The ASPCA had returned the animal to Polok after he’d promised to leash and muzzle it. A month later, Star was both unleashed, unmuzzled, plus chasing a police officer.  Were it me, I would’ve shot Star too.

I love animals just as much as the next person, but I also believe if you own a pet(s), you must be responsible for it’s/their  care. That means both inside and outside of your home and especially if you live in a crowded urban area like New York City. That way you not only show love for your pet(s) but those who are around you.

The sad fact is, if Polok was responsible Star would’ve been alive today.

In a future post, I will decry the Queens resident who possessed 45 hives (which contained one MILLION bees) in his garage. . . . . . . . . .

Ya gotta love New York City. . . . . . . .


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