55 Word Story

How does this work?  Well, it’s sort of like Twitter where all of your posts must use exactly 140 letters.  In essence you need to express a complete thought in the most unique way possible.   As a result, Twitter has developed it’s own language and jargon taken from TEXTING.  LOL, SMH, LMBO, etc.

Here you are required to write a short story using exactly 55 words.  That means a lot of counting and recounting and whittling away words until a complete story emerges.  One that make sense of course.  Submissions in the comment sections are welcome. Clean humor is also welcome. 

Thank You!

Here are my two examples:

“A Rude Awakening”   by Amadi Kyymm

The hour was predawn. Sugar awakened and stretched. Nothing stirred except for the sounds of sleep. She padded to the bedroom door, eased it open, jumped on the sleeper, and howled loudly for breakfast.  She scurried away before the woman arose.

“Darned cat! Wait till I get my hands on you!” Sara yelled.

“Late Again!”  by  Amadi Kyymm

Carla Sykes was habitually tardy to work. Today, was no exception. Her boss was waiting.

“I’m writing you up for being late for the fifteenth time this month!” he threatened. “Do you at least have an excuse?” he demanded.

Carla couldn’t tell him.  The new bus driver did not know the route, and had gotten lost.


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