All Good Things Come To An End

All good things come to an end and this was a good ending.  

What am I talking about?  The end of the Tasha Turner Coaching Virtual Blog Tour!

IW learned a lot of great things on the tour even though I was not able to finish it out.  I happen to have a very odd work schedule which hindered me from collaborating and making timely posts.  However, I was able to post for most of it.  

First of all, I met some great people!  First of all Tasha herself, who was very patient.  Let me put it this way, she had and has the patience of a saint!  Despite the fact that she’d had a horrible car accident and was going through recovery and therapy at the same time.  Tasha definitely had the patience of Moses.  

Second, I’d never heard of a virtual blog tour before.  I had no idea that like minded people would want to post on my blog, and their friends would want to come by and visit, leave comments and perhaps follow my blog. And I could do the very same for the ones whom I’d collaborated with for that particular week.

Of course that meant I had to tidy up stuff a bit.  Just like having guests at home, I had to kind of redecorate.  Unfortunately, I had to do it in the middle of the tour, for other reasons.  

I also learned that my blog was a marketing tool.  If I seriously wanted to be a published author my blog would be one of the methods of getting the word out to people that I not only wrote books, but also blogged.  

Another effective method of getting the word out or marketing was a Facebook fan page.  So, I set one up, which has links back to my blogs and gives statuses on what I plan to publish in the near future.  

An additional method of marketing was Twitter.  Though I’d been on Twitter for about two years before I joined TTC-VBT, and thought I had things downpat, I really didn’t.  I really didn’t understand the whole concept behind all of the links and hashtags until the blog tour.  I think I failed that course though, because I never could get it quite right, but I enjoyed trying to learn it.  

In conclusion, I want to thank all of those who allowed me to post on their blogs and those who posted on mine.  Thank you so much for your friendships and the learning experience.  The chance to help and encourage one another was invaluable

Last but not least, I thank Lady Tasha Turner who put all of this together and stuck with it to the end, despite the circumstances.  You rock Tasha!  




VBT – Pulling Teeth – The Journey From Trader To Smuggler

I’ve officially forgotten what week of the Blog Tour this is.  However, I’m amazed at the superlative talent of the writers who have graced my blog in the past.  Today I’m honored to introduce another.  And here he is. . . . . . . .

Sometimes a character takes a writer on a voyage of discovery before a story is finished. Join Scott Seldon as he tells us about what it took to bring Ven Zaran to life.




Pulling Teeth – A Journey From Trader to Smuggler

Characters are strange things for writers. Some come to us fully formed and some only become fully realized after we get to know them. I’ve had both, but the more interesting ones are the ones that have taken some work. The main character of my current series, Ven Zaran, has required 3 novels and 3 short stories to arrive at where he is.

Ven Zaran came into being when I wrote my first novel. His great-grandson was the protagonist. That novel, as many first novels are, is flawed and sitting in a digital drawer gathering dust bytes. But something about the backstory I’d created inspired me to delve into Ven further. As I started the first draft of Well of Dreams, Ven was squeaky clean. But my first pass at the story was flawed. As I took a break and revised where things were going, suddenly Ven went from being a straight laced trader to a rugged smuggler.

But the story still had more to tell me about this character. Creating a smuggler was all well and good, but SF is full of those, something I must have subconsciously realized. Ven was more like Han Solo and Mal Reynolds for a couple of chapters before my love of Sherlock Holmes reared its head. But it wasn’t the great sleuth’s powers of deduction that influenced me, it was his flaws. Holmes is a towering intellect and a hopeless addict. Suddenly Ven was an addict. And I rightly say suddenly, because two of the people I let read that draft both commented how his sudden addiction didn’t seem real. I had a problem with no solution.

My problem was that I didn’t know this man yet. Here I had written an entire novel about him and I liked where it had taken him, but not where he had started. As I pondered it, I knew what I wasn’t going to change about the story so I proceeded to write the next installment of his journey. I chose a nice safe story, a grand adventure with pirates. I spent time developing who he was at that moment. It was after writing the second novel that I finally found the fix for the first half of Well of Dreams. He no longer became a smuggler or drug addict, he had always been. But there were deeper things to learn about him.

I felt confident and tackled the next story I had for Ven. It has a tragic beginning and sets Ven on a roller coaster ride of emotions. By the time I was done, I knew much more about this man. I went back and edited all three novels back to back. Still something was lacking. I just had to figure out what. Then I had a fellow writer read it. She wasn’t supposed to read the whole thing,just the first couple of chapters, but she liked it. Just one bad thing, Ven came across as whiny. He may be a drugged out Smuggler through a lot of that novel, but whiny wasn’t my intention. It wasn’t who he was in the other two novels or the short story I’d also written by then.

The one area I hadn’t touched on very much was his past. Oh, I’d talked about his wife, his previous captain, but I hadn’t gone back further. Something told me that the beginning of Well of Dreams demanded something different and to get it I had to go back in time. I went back 22 years to find a young Ven in the process of getting fired by his captain for his drug problem. He didn’t think he had a problem. He was fine. He stumbled on the right captain, a man with a past himself who hired misfits he saw something more in. Now I had Ven on the course and I filled in the pieces. Meeting his future wife, finding something to bury his past, starting a family and buying his first ship. The short trilogy I came up with is shorter than two chapters if the novels, but it is rich in his past and who this man is. Even so, there is much that came to me as I wrote it that isn’t in there.

Now I had him. Ven was complete. I did another editing pass on Well of Dreams and all the pieces finally fell into place. There is more to him than is on the page. He isn’t whiny, he’s a dangerous weapon ready to spring, but he can’t. He is still a smuggler like Solo and Reynolds. He still is a recovering drug addict. But now there is a bit of Tony Soprano in him,

a dark side that makes the events of all three stories make sense. It also led to a subplot of the fourth novel, the one I’m currently working on.

Ven has been on a long journey form the famous trader his great-grandson idolized to a three dimensional person with skills and flaws. Now he is someone worth getting to know. I certainly hope readers will agree when they join me on his journey.

Now that I’ve shared my journey to find Ven, if you are a writer, has one of your characters taken you on a similar journey? If you aren’t a writer, do you have a favorite character where the writer has taken you on a journey of discovery where you learned something important about them that made them even better?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Scott Seldon lives with his family in Colorado and works as an IT administrator. Visit his website (  for the latest updates and to find where his books are sold.

Thank you so much Scott for stopping by and sharing this interesting story with us! 

Also, this week Amadi Kyymm is being hosted by Scott Seldon.  You are invited to stop in and read how she invented her characters and their names at:

VBT – My Special Inspiration

The MasterKoda Facebook group blog tour is at the half-way mark. we are  grateful to have you join us as we discuss the topic: “What was the inspiration for the novel you are writing?”  K.D. Emerson shares a more personal side of her life. Not something you will see very often.

My inspiration comes in so many forms, a thought, a song, a look, a moment.

In this case my work in progress, the young adult Digitus series, comes from my life experiences (and the wisdom/or lack thereof that they created). There were some reoccurring themes that wound themselves throughout my life. At times I became entangled in them until I finally broke free and am now looking at those topics from a victor’s platform. The main themes of my upcoming novel Digitus 233 are captivity versus freedom, mind control versus free choice, and victim versus victory. Although serious writing on this work started this past May I have had the story and outline in my mind for many years.

The book explores what it feels like to be victimized; to be held captive on foreign soil, to have your mind controlled by something other than your own true self. Although these seem like heavy subjects for a young adult novel I feel it is an important story for today’s future leaders as they weigh out important choices in a society that would lead them to believe there is no real hope.

In its simplest form the Digitus Series it is the story of victory over evil.

Digitus 233 is a fast paced, on-the-edge-of-your-seat thriller that keeps the action coming and the people real. The five main characters must learn to trust and rely on each other in order to endure the extreme tests they face, the first of which is survival on an arctic island with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

To experience a scene from Digitus 233 you can go here:

Thanks to all of you for taking time out of your schedules to visit me. I would love to hear what inspires you to greater living? What person has been an example? What piece of art or music brings you joy and makes you want to get up and dance?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Author, KD Emerson was born (or is that hatched) several years ago. We won’t go into how long it has been because she has this fantasy that she is still a teenager off to conquer the world. She has a passion for the written word and assisting other writers in becoming the best they can be. She also loves to promote others and cheer them on to victory. Follow her on twitter @MstrKoda or you can find her at and on Facebook at

Thank you so much Kim, for stopping by, opening up, and revealing a very personal side of yourself.  This  helps to give courage who others who need to do the same, and a remind us who already do that we should not stop.

Want to know what inspired Amadi Kyymm’s first book?  Please click the following link to Natalie Star’s Blog and find out!



MK Blog Tour Guest Post – Natalie Star-Kroll

I want to give a hardy welcome to my first guest!  Introducing:  Nataile Star-Kroll!


Three years ago, if you told me one day I would love to read and write, I would have told you you were crazy-out-of-your-mind. Since then I have read 150+ books and written 2 complete novels (one of which is being published) and I have 3 more in the works.

When I’m not reading or writing, I can be found with my husband supporting my two children on the soccer fields. Or maybe running around with my camera taking photos while camping and/or hiking. Or lastly, and most probable – I’m watching movies on Netflix while simultaneously perusing Facebook.

Our family resides in the state of Virginia along with our old-unintelligent-diabetic cat named Lucky.

Story Blurb:

The morning of her sixteenth birthday, Billie feels blessed despite the reoccurring nightmare that wakes her. Loving parents, a caring boyfriend, and great friends surround her until an heirloom necklace throws her into a world she never imagined.

Gifted” with supernatural powers and an unexpected destiny as the Keeper, Billie and a mysterious boy from her past must work together to find answers. But, as they begin to discover feelings for one another, he disappears leaving her to fight evil alone. Her life spirals out of control. She breaks up with her boyfriend, Tony, and alienates her best friends Arianna and Jocelyn to protect them from the truth.

As dark forces pursue her, Billie longs to run away from it all, yet a need to do what’s right compels her to face the future as the keeper of more than her own fortune.

book trailer

    Story Excerpt:

    I have something special for you. Sit, I’ll go get it.” And before I knew it, she rushed down the hall.

    Hurry, Mom, I have to get to school!” I yelled after her. She was back in a flash.

    Here, honey.” She handed me a long narrow velvet jewelry box, maroon in color, the coloring faded from age and use. I flipped back the lid and saw a gold chain with a charm hanging from it. Definitely nothing I would have handpicked, nice enough I guess, but it looked older than dirt itself. There was a yellowish gemstone, citrine I think, no larger than a nickel and it was set on top of a golden sunburst.

    She explained, “It’s been in our family for years. It’s been handed down from generation to generation on the sixteenth birthday.”

    Um, thank you. How old is it, and where did it come from?” I questioned because it even smelled old.

    No one in recent memory knows the answer to either question. We do know it is an honor to receive it, and you have to wear it for your whole birthday, no matter what,” Mom explained.

    Or what, I will have seven years bad luck?” I didn’t know what else to say.

    No, worse, a whole life of bad luck.” Mom said it so seriously.

    Well, if that isn’t convincing enough, put it on me!” I was not superstitious but why take chances?

    I lifted my flat ironed hair out of the way, and Mom placed the chain around my neck. The second I heard it click into place, I felt funny, and I swear the jewelry’s temperature rose. I stood up in a state of a panic as it warmed and the heat spread from my neck throughout my body. Everything went white, and then pulled out.

    Billie!” Mom screamed.

Thank you so much Nataile for stopping by!