Check Point Charlie

Welcome to my humble blog  all and sundry readers, writers and authors.  You are most welcome to guest post and comment.   However, there are some guidelines I’d like everyone to be aware of.

1.     Radical Scribblings is basically a G and PG rated blog, and no higher.  This means no swear words, cuss words, foul language, sexual double entandrees, etc.  We are writers after all, and  don’t need explicative phrases to properly express ourselves.  If you do, it WILL NOT be considered  artistic license WILL NOT be welcome here.

2.     No sexually explicit material will be tolerated. 

3.     Numbers 1 and 2 apply to both posts (written and images) as well as comments (written and images) .  Anything which doesn’t pass muster will be either NOT be posted (in the case of guest posts) or deleted (in the case of visitor’s comments).

THAT IS ALL. . . . . . . . . .


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