All Good Things Come To An End

All good things come to an end and this was a good ending.  

What am I talking about?  The end of the Tasha Turner Coaching Virtual Blog Tour!

IW learned a lot of great things on the tour even though I was not able to finish it out.  I happen to have a very odd work schedule which hindered me from collaborating and making timely posts.  However, I was able to post for most of it.  

First of all, I met some great people!  First of all Tasha herself, who was very patient.  Let me put it this way, she had and has the patience of a saint!  Despite the fact that she’d had a horrible car accident and was going through recovery and therapy at the same time.  Tasha definitely had the patience of Moses.  

Second, I’d never heard of a virtual blog tour before.  I had no idea that like minded people would want to post on my blog, and their friends would want to come by and visit, leave comments and perhaps follow my blog. And I could do the very same for the ones whom I’d collaborated with for that particular week.

Of course that meant I had to tidy up stuff a bit.  Just like having guests at home, I had to kind of redecorate.  Unfortunately, I had to do it in the middle of the tour, for other reasons.  

I also learned that my blog was a marketing tool.  If I seriously wanted to be a published author my blog would be one of the methods of getting the word out to people that I not only wrote books, but also blogged.  

Another effective method of getting the word out or marketing was a Facebook fan page.  So, I set one up, which has links back to my blogs and gives statuses on what I plan to publish in the near future.  

An additional method of marketing was Twitter.  Though I’d been on Twitter for about two years before I joined TTC-VBT, and thought I had things downpat, I really didn’t.  I really didn’t understand the whole concept behind all of the links and hashtags until the blog tour.  I think I failed that course though, because I never could get it quite right, but I enjoyed trying to learn it.  

In conclusion, I want to thank all of those who allowed me to post on their blogs and those who posted on mine.  Thank you so much for your friendships and the learning experience.  The chance to help and encourage one another was invaluable

Last but not least, I thank Lady Tasha Turner who put all of this together and stuck with it to the end, despite the circumstances.  You rock Tasha!  




The Magical Age of 50

Would you like to find out why I consider age fifty to be magical?  Please drop by my fellow blogger Jennifer Don’s blog and find out.  It might surprise you!  

Also,  feel free to leave comments either on this blog or on hers.  Thank you!





Busy As A Bee

On Thursday July 5th at approximately 1600 hours (4pm civilian time) I deleted my “Radical Scribblings” blog at BLOGGER, thus ridding myself of a major pain in the neck. I hope. . . . . . .

I’m still in the moving process. I’m trying to set things up and changing things around to my liking. I’ve found that WordPress is a bit more complicated than Blogger. But, I’ve used WordPress in the past, so it’s only a matter of getting used to the format again. “It’s like riding a bike or learning to swim, once you learn it, you never forget it. It’s the learning part that gets ya.”

I’ve also found out that there are several features which I had on Blogger that I don’t have here on WordPress. Things like different text styles, colored text, and being able to title one’s link instead of just posting the plain link. The latter may be possible and I just may not know how to do it yet. I also miss being able to an MP3 player on my blog. But, I believe I would have to upgrade to a paid account in order to do that. Something to look into for the future.

There was also the problem of the “bugs”. Meaning, I’d cut and paste a post to my blog and publish.  When I went back to view said post it would look like crap. Mixed matched lettering, and triple spacing between sentences. It was enough to make me scream! However, I remember’s Brad Flemming’s suggestion. Notepad. I downloaded a free version of it from C-Net, paste my copy on Note Pad, then copied from Note Pad and pasted to my blog, and voila! No more “bugs”!

That seems like a lot of little steps to do one thing, post a blog entry. But if you want your blog entries and blog to look “professional” . . . . . . .

The excitement of the move has died down a bit.  So, with the unpacking mostly do, I’m in the midst of checking all of my posts and cleaning  them up one by one.  Admittedly, some of the earlier posts looked “jacked up”, so I can’t just bury them the way my cats do in the litter box. . . .

I guess this is going to be my Summer 2012 project, as well as editing “Knight Riders”. I’m going to be busy as a bee, but I’m loving it. . . .

Remember that question you got at school after summer vacation? Children I want you to write a story on: “What I did during my Summer Vacation.”, the teacher would say.  My answer would be simple. “What Summer Vacation?”  I guess I’d get suspended for that answer. . . . . . . .






What Do YOU Consider Profanity?

Some of us consider profanity to be swear words. The “F” bomb and it’s ilk.

“Profanity” according to Wikkipedia is:

Profanity, also known as swearing, cursing, foul speech, strong language,  dirty words, cussing, bad words, bad language, adult language, or simply language, is pejorative language that shows disrespect, desecration or debasement. Profanity can take the form of words, expressions, gestures (such as flipping the middle finger), or other social behaviors that are construed or interpreted as insulting, rude, vulgar, obscene, obnoxious,foul, desecrating, or other forms.  Remember those words:  “Other Forms”.

I’m Old School and back in the days when I was growing up, “bad” words were vobotin. You may have uttered “cuss words” as a child, but you’d better not say them around an adult! Back then adults would let you have it (a cuff upside the head or a whack on the backside), and it wasn’t child abuse by the way.

Nowadays, swear words are considered part of the culture, and it’s everywhere! On television, radio, movies, books, and forget music (rap music being the leader. . . .), and let us not forget “social media”. Facebook, Twitter, and other social websites and forums.

However, if you are offended by these words and don’t want to see them,  what do you do?

I personally don’t like swear words because I don’t use them, and prefer not to see them on my Facebook timeline. So, I remove the offending posts. Most of the time these posts are few and far in between so that’s not a problem. However, if I’m “beseiged” by them, the producer of said posts becomes history. I unfriend them.

By the way, I also do this for what I consider “visually provocative and lewd” photographs. Yep, half or nearly neekid men and women.

A good example is a recent incident I had on Google Plus where I had joined a photography circle. For the uninitiated, on Google Plus you join “circles”. This circle consisted of a bunch of “unvetted” strangers who all claimed to be shutterbugs, and posted their photos for comments. This one guy kept “bombing” my timeline with a lot of photos of women, and since I work for who I work for, I was immediately on the alert.

At first the young ladies were fully clothed, then progressively they went to bathing suits, to half nude, to full nudity, then finally overt pornography. The indivdual claimed he was “professional photographer” and supposedly this was his idea of “art”. Well, not to me! I immediately blocked and reported him to Google Plus.

I’m proactive and censor my Facebook timeline because, 1. I have friends, family members, co-workers, and members of my church on Facebook, who would also be offended. 2. The “JOB” is laying in the cut and monitoring my page. . . . . .

I’m not saying I’m perfect. However, I am a Christian and I’ve been unfriended for what some call my “religious viewpoint” in the past. I’m also a stanch patriot, support the United States Military, and have a strong Conservative viewpoint. I’m sure I’ve been unfriended in the past for that also. But, “You can’t make people like you, who nitpick and find excuses not to.” So, life goes on.

I use Facebook as my “Neutral Zone” because I try not to espouse my viewpoint(s) very much on my pages. I’m saying very much compared to the “power washing” I’ve gotten in the past from some. . . . . .

Why not? Because, I have created other forums in which to safely express these viewpoints. I have a Political/Conservative/Christian blog and Twitter pages set up just for that. There I have like minded friends and followers where we can let fly together without being offensive to one another.

The prosecution rests. . . . . . . .

The floor is officially open for discussion.


This has certainly been some week! All I wanted to do was write, but somehow I never got around to it. Well, I wasn’t able to do much.

First, I was having a problem with browsers again. I thought I had rectified that problem when I had downloaded the latest versions, defragged and debugged my computer with spyware and antivirus programs. But still the problems persisted. Despite the fact I switched from one browser to another.

What was causing said problem in the first place? I had (notice I said “had”) my blogs on Blogger and was attempting to update my blog “Radical Scribblings” for the MK Blog Tour. A simple task which should have taken, oh perhaps 15 minutes, took nearly two hours. Two hours! Yep, because the stupid CHROME browser kept crashing. With Chrome it’s more like “Opsy! Something went wrong!” I tried all of their suggestions by clearing my cookies, setting up an alernate account.  Still “no good”,  as they say in pro football.

So I got disgusted and sent for backup. Next up, OPERA! I used to use Opera in the past and was very satisfied with it. I can’t seem to recall why I stopped using it. I think it was because I’d discovered Chrome. Anyway, I was doing fine until I discovered quite by accident, that Blogger no longer supports Opera. According to the annoying warning bar which pops up on your screen, you are given the option to down load Chrome or chance going ahead, but about half of your funtions on your site will not work.

So, I went to my third browser which is Firefox. Once I got used to it again I did fine for all of two days, then I started to have major problems. Up popped that stupid warning bar again, telling me my browser is no longer supported by Blogger, and in order for my site to work. . . . well you know the rest.

Therein I blew my stack and wrote a very nasty message to the support people at Google! If they wanted feedback, there it was! After all, who did they think they were, dictating which browser one must be used on thier sites? In essence they want you to use Chrome on Blogger because they own both. That’s like if you work for X Beer Company, you must drink only X Beer! Disgusting!

As a result of that fiasco, I’ve started the process of moving my blogs to WordPress. I’ve moved one so far and I guess this will be my project for the rest of the summer, as I move the rest of them.

The bad news? I’m gonna miss Blogger because It was really user friendly and I knew how to use it like the back of my hand. WordPress is a tad more complicated, but doable. I’ll survive. me and my six guns!   :+)

Trials, Trials, & Tribulations Of Browsers!