Common Sense Crime Prevention #3

Here on the North East coast (New York City) when the weather is nice, everyone wants to partake of it. New York City’s nightlife is always busy, but it especially ramps up during the warmer months. Not only do the law-abiding citizens like the balmy nights out on the town, but so does the criminal element.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t go out and dine with friends, or hang out at a club. But, while you are there please make sure you keep track of your property. If you don’t, it will soon walk away, assisted by a different pair of hands and feet.

Ladies: Before you go out do not to take a large bag. Select a small bag and put a few essentials in it.

If you carry a wallet, do not carry every single credit and debit card that you own. Select one or two that are “good” and leave the rest home. Heaven forbid your wallet gets stolen, you will have a lot less cards to account for, report stolen, and call credit card companies to cancel.

Most clubs require valid identification to enter. What’s the best id to use? A drivers license, period! NEVER EVER EVER carry and use your passport! Why? A United States Passport is a hot commodity on the black market. In a crowded situation like a club or bar, it’s amazingly easy for the bouncer to lose it, or steal it. Now you have a national security issue on your hands because you don’t know who has it.

That’s a horrible thing you just said about the bouncer. . . . .

Yep. Unfortunately some bouncers are not as clean as the pure and driven, snow. Some have criminal pasts which is why they are bouncers in the first place. . . . And you’d be surprised how many bar and restaurant employees are part of the criminal element on the side to supplement their legitimate pay.. . .


Ladies: Never, EVER leave your bag unattended for any amount of time. That means not to go dance, use the ladies room, or take a puff break (in New York City you must smoke OUTSIDE the bar/restaurant).

This includes leaving your bag with friends, or companions. Often times they get too distracted and caught up with the atmosphere to recall they were supposed to be watching your property, and it gets stolen. Then there is the possibility that your so-called friend(s) may be the culprit. . . . .

Yes, I’ve seen many cases where the BOYFRIEND was the one who stole the woman’s wallet. That speaks volumes doesn’t it?

Ladies: Never put your bag out of your sight. This means hanging it behind your chair, sitting it on a chair next to you, leaving it on the bar, or placing it on the floor. That old saying: “Out of sight, out of mind.” is very true.

I recommend carrying a small purse or bag because it is easy to keep in your lap, or if it has a strap, on your shoulder.

Ladies: Never return to a drink. This means if you order a drink, step away to dance or smoke, then come back. Don’t drink that drink! Why? Because you don’t know who might have dropped something into it. You don’t want to wind up being a case of date rape.

So, you met this guy and his seems to be perfect. Reality check! Honestly, do you really, really expect to meet your dream guy in a bar? Remember the whole concept of a bar is to get drunk and perhaps get a little “candy” on the side. Definitely not the place to find the love of your life.

Back to the guy, there is a distinct possibility that “he’s not all that into you”. I say this, because in New York City (and other cities) there are teams of criminals who specialize in working in bars. Usually one male and one female working together. After all, look at the environment. Most bars are poorly lit, noisy, crowded, and 95 percent of the patrons are sloshed and or high. So none is the wiser. . . . .

They work like this. The male will distract the female, by chatting her up, while the female accomplice goes through and lifts the woman’s wallet (from her unattended purse). If the purse is small enough, she will take it to the ladies room, pick the wallet clean of credit cards, ids, cellphone, and cash and throw the bag and rest of it contents into the trash.
The female might then go outside, on the pretense of taking a smoke break, to hand off her catch to the drop. This is a person who is waiting outside the club, and will take the cards to the nearest all night drug store, or nearest ATM and try to get as much cash as possible, or to purchase as much ill gotten goods as possible. Most times suspect couple will disappear to do their dirty work in another club or bar.

I don’t know how it is in other cities, but in New York City, many of the clubs have surveillance cameras. If you are a victim of such a crime, you must do two things. One immediately report it to the police, then the club will have to hand over their videos to the detectives for further investigation.

Two, report it to your credit card companies and cell phone carrier. Cancel your credit cards and your cellphone service immediately. Do not wait for a good Samaritan to return the property to you. The longer you wait, gives the criminals more time to drain your accounts or run up your cellphone bill.

Lat but not least, after you’ve been a victim of above mentioned crime, if you get a mysterious phone call offering to meet you at an undisclosed location and sell you your property back. Call the police immediately. They will arrange to have undercover meet them instead of you. NEVER meet anyone who offers this!

You’ve already been victimized once, you don’t need to be victimized twice.

Stay alert and be smart, because the criminal element is. . . . . . .


Officer “Tuff Luv”