Twitter Tips

It seems like FaceBook is not the only place some funny business is going on. If you have been using Twitter for more than 6 months you’d know what I mean.

First of all, If you don’t know anyone on Twitter it is easy to get lost in the sauce. It would be nice to have Twitter greeters to show you around and introduce you to all of the features that are on there, but they don’t. . . . . . yet. . . . . ..

First of all, when one joins Twitter one should have in mind the following things. One, what is your Twitter Handle or name going to be?

This is where you decide if you want to make up a name for yourself, or use parts of your real name. Are you planning to join a particular group on Twitter? Twitter is broken up along the lines of groups or interests. For example there are those who love dogs, cats, sports, politics, religion, or follow particular types of music or certain celebrities .

I mentioned these groups in conjunction with Twitter Handles because you may want to have a handle to match your interest. Like “IceKitty”, if you like cats, or MasterBowwow if you like dogs, or BballKing because you like basketball, etc. You kinda get the picture, right?

Now, if you are a celebrity, or politician, or into marketing, or author it will be solely up to you to decide if you want to use your real name, or chose a nom de plume. However, if you are into marketing or an author, etc, you should chose wisely, as this particular handle is going to be a marketing tool and thus part of your branding.

Another thing you should consider is what kind of avatar or photo you are going to use to represent your tweets. Again this may depend upon what you are interested in. If it’s dogs, perhaps a cute pup, or if it’s cats, a cute kitten, a flag if you are patriotic, etc. Or, if you are really brave, a photo of your marvelous self. With or without a wide brimmed hat, large Snookie like sunglasses, veils, or gas mask. . . . . . Yes, I’ve see all kinds. . . . . .

What you are going for is to have people connect your name automatically with your photo. This photo should be unique enough that they well say, oh yeah that’s so and so. . . .

Another reason a photo is so important is the fact that if you don’t have a photo Twitter will give you one. An EGG! That’s right, a WHITE EGG on a blue, black, green, yellow, red or orange background!

I’ve been on Twitter for nearly two years now under a different handle which is strictly Christian and Political. So, when I, or my fellow compatriots see an EGG show up on our timeline, according to the content of the tweet, they are considered either a newbie or a SPAMMER!

The concept of a spamming is thus. Register and sign on to Twitter with some half tailed name and no avi (avatar) so you can start bombarding peoples timelines with crap. In their rush to do this, most SPAMMERS forget to post an avi or a BIO on their page.

If you want to know if they are legitimate, all you have to do if you are on the PC to click on their name, which will bring up their page. If they haven’t bothered to post a BIO nor an AVI, they are a SPAMMER! BLOCK! BLOCK! BLOCK! If you are using your SmartPhone all you have to do is long-press or click on the avi which will bring you right to their page.

Also, when you get to the spammers page, another thing to check is how many friends do they have, if they have like 5 friends, 3 followers, but tweeted 900 tweets, that is a SPAMMER for sure!

Twitter also has a provision for reporting spammers. Unlike Facebook, Twitter really does listen to their users and shuts these slime balls down. So, don’t be afraid to report them!

The next tip it to know your followers. If they are writers and authors make sure you keep abreast of who follows and keeps in contact with you. If you get tweets from them which are strange and out of character, DM (direct message) them and let them know their account may have been hacked.

Twitter etiquette: If you retweet someone, they should either thank you (shout outs) for retweeting them in a single or group thank you (shout outs). If someone retweets you, you should show the very same courtesy. Try to do this as soon as possible, because as you gain followers, this can become overwhelming to keep track of.

There is a website named: which is very helpful. You must be on a PC (It may be available for I-pad, and tablets too) for it to work. What you do is go on and register your Twitter account, and it analyzes you account for the week and shows you who the most active TWEETERS are on your time line. These are the ones you should give SHOUT OUTS to. Right on the site you can compose your tweets of the names and tweet them out. However, this unfortunately takes time and if you don’t have time, it may be easier to tweet your SHOUT OUTS right back.

Last but not least, Twitter security. Spammers love Twitter, Many of them register because they want to advertise all kinds of crap. I’ve been bombarded with diets, and just plain junk. Then there are ones who just send you a tweet with a link.

If you don’t know the person and they tweet you a link without hashtags (#), and even if you do, don’t click that link!!! Those kinds of links can lead your computer to malicious websites which will plant destructive cookies in your hard drive. This will either destroy your computer or remove personal information that can be used for id theft later. Or they may lead to something pornographic . . . .

Some examples of suspicious messages:

This is a favorite of mine

@WackaWaka @WriteTillDawn  Someone is saying horrible things about U. Click this link 2 C http://bitlybaloneysalmai. . .

My first thought was: Who the heck is WackaWaka? And: Who the heck cares what people are saying about me? That should be your first thought too. The next thoughts are to be

I know, I have not addressed all of the issues on Twitter, and did not intend to. This is just a mere primer for those who are just starting out. It’s sort of a cushion for diving off the deep end of the pool, which Twitter is so oft likened to.

Happy Tweeting!